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80’s n 90’s

80sShailene Woodley in one of her interview which she taught Jimmy how to Goth Dance, which is pretty cool, reminds me exactly how i felt about the 80’s-90’s hits. Although i was born in the late ’90s but i hope that still counts. LOL. Kidding. What a baby would know about music? But hey, i grew up, and finally i know the era where i was born has the most amazing taste in music. And oh my God, no doubt, those music era are the best, right? The music is just so, so, so good. I couldn’t keep my feet on the ground because i always jump and dance once someone turn that music on! I actually have made a playlist on Youtube which i accidently delete (Stupid, Na, stupid). But here i have my own good taste in the ’80s n ’90s which i hope you’ll love.

-Backstreet Boys; Everybody. I want it that way.

-Spice Girl; Wannabe. (Of course!)

-Wham; All is great, but  Wake Me Up wins

-Michael jackson (Of courseee!); All songs.

-I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

-Come on Eileen by i-forgot-the-band

-Atomic Kitten; All of their song are GREAT but my favorite has been Eternal Flame

-Diana Ross, Celine Dion, etc

-OMG there’s alot more but i forgot at the moment.


Diary: Kampung Inggris, Pare|First Month

This is an honest review, you guys. Some kind of experience I’ve been doing lately. At the moment gue nulis ini, gue lagi duduk di salah satu kamar asrama di Pare, Kediri, yang menyesakkan dan puanas namun thanks to Allah and the fan that i put right next to me, I haven’t been a daging bakar kepanasan wkwk.

Kalo gue search di google, and maybe you’ve done that too, kita bisa liat bahwa semua pada review yang bagus-bagus tentang Pare gitu, dan kalo nanya temen-temen yang pernah ke Pare pasti bakal jawab sama. Tapi disini, bukannya gue nggak seneng di Pare, tapi gue bakal release Pros and Cons dari keputusan ngambil kursus di Kampung Inggris. So without further due(?), let’s dig into it!


-Harga makanan disini murah-murah. [Temen gue langsung nganga pas gue bilang makanan termahal yang pernah gue beli cuman 7 ribu. Itu pun nasinya udah bikin perut bengkak]

-Biaya kursusnya affordable banget

-Kosan maupun asramanya juga murah-murah [Dan biasanya udah plus Wifi]

-Wifi everywhere! [Bahkan di warung-warung nasi sesederhana apapun ada Wifi dah]

-Ketemu orang berbagai culture and latar belakang

-Apa aja ada [Dari sepeda sampai kipas angin pun bisa disewa]

-Kalo ngejemur baju cepet banget kering wkwk



-Puanas tenan [Siap-siap bayar uang sewa kipas. 60-an sebulan]

-Jauh dari mana-mana [Namanya juga kampung!]

-Kediri itu nggak semodern Jakarta [Jadi jangan harap bisa nemu Mall yang lebih fancy dari yang ada di Jakarta]

-Berdebu abis. [Kalo lagi hujan, kalau nggak cepet-cepet nutup jendela or pintu, bisa-bisa banyak debu masuk yang bakal kita sadarin lately nanti pas ujan udah reda]

-Karna multi-culture, banyak orang yang berasal dari daerah-daerah dan nggak begitu open minded. [Banyak yang individualis dan nggak pedulian, bahkan pura-pura nggak tahu dia udah nyebapin masalah #bapergue #smh. Bukan hanya yang dari desa-desa luar, tapi orang Kedirinya juga ada yang begitu. Gue dan teman-teman punya pengalaman2 nyakit dah pokoknya.Tapi kalo ada yang baik, ya baik banget. Dan banyak kok yang baik jadi don’t worry:)]


Personal Tips:

-Sewa kipas angin is a must.

-Sewa sepeda. Gak usah yang bagus-bagus yang penting ada rodanya wkwk.

-Personally, gue lebih prefer kosan daripada asrama. Harganya nggak sampai 200 ribu per bulan dan terkadang kita bisa nemu kosan yang seorang satu kamar. Tapi kalau emang pengen ambil kursus Inggris yang full alias bisa practice B.inggris sama temen seasrama ya boleh aja.

-Kalo orang-orangnya pada nyebelin, please don’t give a damn. Do what you do. Bahkan kalo emak kosan lo yang ngeselin, jangan langsung mikir untuk pindah tempat walaupun lo bisa. Selesain dengan kepala dingin [Makanya sewa kipas alright] I can tell that we should call it pendewasaan diri.

-Please, jangan kesini sendirian. Mending ajak temen. Ini personal opinion sih, tapi karna gue tinggalnya di Bogor Kota dan 3 tahun terakhir nge-asrama di Jakarta, gue jadi rada shock culture gitu disini [Kok bisa? Ya ga tau kenapa juga sih wkwk]. Kalo ada temen it’ll reduce the awkward feeling we have when we got here.


Lastly, what to pack?

-Baju. Kagak udah banyak-banyak emang lo mau pindahan apeh.


-Obat-obatan pribadi


Yang bisa lo skip dari packing karna bisa beli setiba di Pare:


-Sabun and peralatan mandi.


-Buku and peralatan tulis


-Mostly everything you need gampang dibeli di Pare jadi kalo lo cuman bawa badan dan duit pun lo siap dah wkwk.


Okay, that’s all. Gue harap ini berguna buat lo-lo semua. Bye! C YA!


Going To Movie By Yourself–Alone!

They say only losers do that. They would call me a loner. Guess what? I’ve been doing this for years and i’m pretty excited about what i’m doing!

Mature Man Eating Potato Chips in Movie Theater Auditorium --- Image by © image100/Corbis
Image by © image100/Corbis

It’s not because i’m a single lady–yeah, alright i’m single but that doesn’t even matter because i had a few guys propose me before and i ignored them all, that pretty much means i’m not a loner, ah okay come back to the topic–But i just like to do it myself. I have a couple of friends who like to ask me to join them for movie and sometimes i ignore them because i don’t really feel comfortable about it. Why? I don’t know. I kinda hate when i have to argue with people about what movie we should watch. Usually they pick wrong movie, i mean it’s their favorite genre but that’s not mine. At the end, i became disappointed.

And going to movie by yourself means you can sit wherever you want. Sometimes i even put my foot on the chair right in front of me if nobody sit there–That’s illegal, by the way. Don’t do it if somebody sit there. Don’t ever. I can buy large popcorn without being annoyed about somebody else craving for my food.

You can get both arm rest too, without worry about your date or your friend who is absolutely not sitting right next to you right now. You can pick somewhere, a chair next to another empty chair to put your bag on or your popcorn. I often do that, by the way. If i’m gonna cry or laugh way too hard, i often feel bad about what other will say. But now, nobody’s here to commenting about me.

Sometimes i feel like the world is mine and nobody’s here to bother. I actually like to travel and go shopping alone too. There’s alot of things to do by yourself. And that doesn’t mean you’re a loner. I can pretty much get focus of what i’m doing–watching, shopping, listening to music while attending concert–because nobody’s there to talk to me or talking all way through the Mall. I’m kinda like it.

You know, eating your food alone without worrying, choosing your favorite movie and enjoy what you’re doing more, is likely not a word for a ‘Loser’, even if you’re a loner 😉

PS. Pssst! I first got an idea to write this after watching BuzzFeed’s video. Yeah, themselves again! But all i wrote is all i did, so, yeah, i’m pretty fantastic because i could be that similar to their thought.

Face Mask to Reduce Pimples! (Fast) English + Indonesia


I already given up for any face product, since it is very weird on my skin. It’s half combination, and half sensitive. That’s just pretty annoying.

But one day, i got this problem with pimple. Products breakout is the reason. I tried so many product to reduce it, the one that ever worked is clear and clear, but now it’s kinda did not work anymore. Instead of making it better, some products are just making it worse. So, i tried to play with nature and herbals, that’s why i put habatussauda (also known as nigella sativa) on my pimple.

I only have habatussauda for my daily herb in a tiny capsule. So i put two capsules and mix it with water, just a lil bit. Until the texture is nice and creamy. Use it as a face mask. Put it on the face, especially those areas where pimples are usually grow. (it’s actually kinda hard to do this step).

Leave it for 15 minutes. I actually leave it for like an hour or so. (because i’m pretty lazy to wash my face off) And i do that twice a day sometimes. But it’s good, doesn’t make my skin dry or something. Because you know what? It’s herb! You can play with herbals anytime!

My first impression is totally good. My friend said that my skin looks better than the last time she saw me. Last time we met is like 2 days ago. Which means i only applied that face mask twice or once.

Now, i’m still doing it because my acne marks are usually hard to reduce lol. It took years haha. But with this mask, it’been well-reduced and now i almost can’t see those marks anymore lol. Applied everyday on my face.

I’m sorry for not having the before and after result. But i tell yo, it’s worth it because usually skin care products just done nothing to my skin but non-benefits. So this face mask really worth a try

PS. I don’t leave it an hour on my face everyday, just sometimes when i feel i needed to.

Gue udah nyerah ama perawatan apapun buat wajah. Jenis kulit gue adalah setengah kombinasi dan setengah sensitif. Rasa nyusahin emang.

Tapi, gue punya problem ama jerawat. Jerawatnya muncul karna breakout produk(saking sensitifnya, make sau produ aja langsung begini). Maka itu gue perlu sesuatu untuk meng-cover dan mengobatinya. Tapi, setelah mencoba beberapa hal, malah tambah parah. Produk yang pernah bekerja buat jerawat gue adalah clean and clear, tapi udah nggak bekerja lagi sekarang. Jadi, gue mulai mencoba bermain dengan herbal. Dan pilihan gue jatuh pada habatussauda.

Herbal ini biasanya berbentuk kapsul. Bisa dengan mudah ditemukan di toko-toko herbal. Setiap kali mau make, gue ambil dua kapsul dan dicampur air. Dikit aja airnya, sampai tekstur habatussauda berubah jadi creamy, bukan benar-benar cair.

Taruh di wajah, juga bagian dimana ada jerawatnya (step ini yang paling susah, karna tekstur habatussauda yang berupa butiran kecil nggak pernah benar-benar bercampur dengan air). Tinggalkan selama 15 menit. Tapi gue pernah biarin selama satu jam, dan hasilnya gak apa. Gue pake masker ini sekali sehari.

First impression gue baus banget. Karna maskerini ndak menyebabkan breakout atau apapun. Dua hari make langsung keliatan hasilnya, temen gue pun muji gue lebih mulus katanya hehe.

Sorry ga sempet foto before-after. Tapi karna selama ini kuli gue yang begitu sensitif sering rusak kalau pake apa aja, termasuk pakai herbal sekalipun, tapi dengan satu ini kuli gue malah membaik, aku recommend buat kalian semua. Karna efek smapingnya ndak buruk kok.

Another reason to love Connor

if you already read my latest post about Connor then you’ll understand what im going to say here,

this is the next reason.

Connor ouploaded this pict on his FB fanpage, 2 june.

which made me think how cute he is–between some peoples who uphold freedom (and they get it wrong so they like ‘do what you want only God can judge me’ and they become crazy or what and i tell u, FREE is good but TOO FREE is not good at all) and some peoples who cover a freedom (freedom is a human right, covering it just like killing it) Connor is like he is standing up for things that make life great, free but not TOO FREE and not againsting freedom.

just a couple thing to live by, he said.