It’s Okay, That’s Alright|Dear Heart

Do you ever occur how much your words would wounds someone? As much as you think one single word can play a different motion. Today i was just happened to be in two situation: Both are pretty similiar. So there's a game in my Language class and we play that game as a team. Each one of the … Continue reading It’s Okay, That’s Alright|Dear Heart

80’s n 90’s

Shailene Woodley in one of her interview which she taught Jimmy how to Goth Dance, which is pretty cool, reminds me exactly how i felt about the 80's-90's hits. Although i was born in the late '90s but i hope that still counts. LOL. Kidding. What a baby would know about music? But hey, i … Continue reading 80’s n 90’s

Diary: Kampung Inggris, Pare|First Month

This is an honest review, you guys. Some kind of experience I've been doing lately. At the moment gue nulis ini, gue lagi duduk di salah satu kamar asrama di Pare, Kediri, yang menyesakkan dan puanas namun thanks to Allah and the fan that i put right next to me, I haven't been a daging … Continue reading Diary: Kampung Inggris, Pare|First Month

How to download a movie (freaked me out!)

if u guys ever tried to download a movie but ended up with downloading nothing, then we got same problem. i was freaked out as well. lol. long time ago, i downloaded movies from but i stop visiting that website again because the quality of the movie is bad. sometimes good, but mostly bad. … Continue reading How to download a movie (freaked me out!)

Alot of posts and a flashdisk!

it start from some months ago, whenever i want to buy a flashdisk, it was always that thought came into my mind: like, why do i need a flashdisk? no i didnt need it. but now what often happened is: i wrote much article to post to my blog, i write it on another PC … Continue reading Alot of posts and a flashdisk!