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Etude House Toning White C Kit Review

(As usually, Bahasa first, English version is doooown below just scroll down lovies)

Hai, guys! Lama gak update? Nggak lama-lama juga sih, bwehehe…

To the point aja ya, gue sebenernya rada males nih kalo pake full-face perawatan. Tahu kenapa? Kulit gue oily bo… gak cocok pake krim banyak banyak! Tapi ketika Etude House ngeluarin rangkaian skincare barunya, yang berbasic whitening, gue rada penasaran. Baca-baca sih, produknya absorbs very fast to the skin, jadi suitable juga buat yang oily. Gue beli sample size buat coba-coba. Gue belinya di toko langganan gue di Tokopedia, yang mana namanya tak gue sebutkan karna gue nggak mau ngendorse tanpa dibayar *Pelit bwehehe.

Okay, let’s get straight into it!

Pertama, gue mau bicarain Tonernya. Toner ini bentuknya cair, tapi agak lebih kental dari toner skin care lain. Pas gue pake, awalnya biasa aja. Absorbs fast? Not really. Tapi lumayan. Ehhh… tengah malem gatel-gatel muka gue. Abis itu bruntusan. Jerawat juga tambah gede. Trauma, gua biarin aja ntu botol meringkuk di pojokan ampe sekarang, untouched samasekali.

Kedua, Emulsionnya. Gue udah rada trauma gitu ama Toner, jadi hati-hati juga ama Emulsion. Bukan apa-apa, selain packaging yang mirip, kekentalan kedua benda unyu ini juga mirip. Malah yang Emulsion lebih kentel, beuuh… gue jadi atut. Apalagi baca di blog mana gitu, yang Emulsion lebih lama absorbsnya daripada yang Toner.

Tapi bo, hidayah emang gak kemana. Kulit gue lagi keriiing banget waktu itu karna seneng renang. Jadi kenyang nih muka ama kaporit. Pas gitu, gue pakai Emulsionnya di daerah mulut, sekitar hidung dan dahi. Pokoknya daerah-daerah yang tends to get dry. Dan wooow… hasilnya memuaskan. Absorbs fast? Nggak terlalu. Tapi nggak sticky juga. Enak? Lembut? Melembabkan? Gue kasih bintang 4.5 buat Emulsion ini. Gak bikin breakout bo! Gue salut.

Ketiga, creamnya ini. Absorbs fast? Yup! Tahu nggak sih, diantara semua krim yang pernah gue coba, ini satu nih yang paling nyerep ke kulit. Pakenya dikit-dikit aja kalo kulit kalian emang oily. Triknya: ambil sebesar dua biji jagung ke tangan, usap-usap di tangan, baru tepuk seenaknya di wajah hehehe.

The last one is the sleeping pack. Sebenernya enak, dingin gitu, gue ampe menggigil because tidurnya pas bawah AC. Moist? Lumayan. Tapi nggak banget. Soft? Nggak terlalu. Fresh?  YA YA YA! Dan gue pake ini nggak tiap hari. Karna gue oily dan takut kulit sensitif ini meraung, gue pakenya seminggu 3 kali soang. Lumanyun lah berhemat pangkal pelit kaya.

Oh ya, ini urutan pakenya temen-temen sekalian: Toner (Tapi gue gak pake)-Emulsion-Cream-Sleeping Pack

Hasilnya so far? Hmm… fresh sih. Lagipula gue bukan jenis yang mau putih-putih amat, walau sebenernya kulit gue jauh lebih putih dari yang sekarang. Artinya gue bisa naekin tone kulit gue ampe batas maksimal. Tapi gue suka tan skin. Lagian putihnya gue  yang dulu juga masih bisa terbilang sebatas morena (tan+yellowish almost be called as white. But only almost babe, almost!). Tapi so far produk ini emang bikin wajah cerah, fresh, kerasa idup kulitnya.


70 rb bo. Isinya toner 10 ml, emulsion dgn ml yang sama, sleeping pack dan cream masing-masing 10 gr kalo gak salah. Pas beli, gue dapet gratis sample lagih wkwkwk.


Hello guys! I’m sorry that something keeps me busy for a while. But i’ve not been missing that long too, tho? Lol.

Alright, i just wanna make it clear that i’m not a fan of a complete skin care routine. My oily skin hates to be around so many products, you know. It break outs everytime! But then this new skin care line from Etude House comes out. I don’t see why i’ll probably regret buying this, so, i then decided to buy it. Got this sample size from my favorite online store which i won’t mention the name here, since i don’t get paid to advertise that web lol.

So, let’s get straight into it!

First, the toner. It’s not as watery as i expect it to be, but i think it’s just fine. Absorbs fast to the skin? Not really. But it’s pretty good, tho… but oh my God, in the middle of the night my pimples were like craving out of nowhere. Another sign of breaking out, and so is an alarm of putting this toner in a box of ‘products i regret buying’.

Second, the emulsion. This actually freaking me out at first, i didn’t really tried the emulsion since the bottle looks alot like the toner (which i have already declare a war with!). Else, this one’s alot more creamy–obviously–than the toner itself. But one day i’m in a good need of a moisturizer which works better than only a cream. So i took this emulsion, forgot that i almost declaring a war with this little thing, and it took me by surprise how it moisturized my skin very well without making it looks uglier worse! LOL!

I think that’s why the Don’t judge book from its cover quote is still popular.

The third one here. I’m gonna talk about the cream now. This needs a noble for not breaking out my skin and to absorbs fast to the skin! I do think this one’s suitable as for all skin type. Really!

The last one is a mask that you could keep for a whole night long, or the so-called Sleeping Pack. So you put it on your face, go to bed, get a rest because you don’t need to wash it off straightly, have a nice dream, and voila! It claims to brighten your skin by the morning. You should really wash it off as you wake up though. But this mask has spent like 8-12 hours on your skin so it definitely already absorbs alot to the skin throughout the night. When you wash it off in the morning you’d actually only was a pair of cream. Some people use this every day, but if you have oily skin, don’t be a hero and try it every day. 3 times a week is a good anyway.

This sample size last me for: the toner (It’s still 90% full by now) the emulsion (3 weeks i guess) the cream (3 weeks too) sleeping pack (only 2 weeks… which is damn)

Price? Affordable, dear reader. 70k rupiah or 6 US dollar ha!

Result? This does making my skin looks fresh and ‘alive’, but the claims to brighten the skin is not yet could be seen. Anyway, i think there’s a difference between brighten and whiten right? So if the brighten that you’re looking for is same as brighten i was looking, this does a great job actually. I have a tan-morena skin which i always loved, still not thinking about whiten my skin currently. I love my skin the way it is though.

Repurchase? Yep. Especially for the emulsion and the cream.

That’s all for now… see ya guys!


2 & 1. Angry Mom vs Signal.

Rating: 4.8

Do i regret? GOD NO


Uuugh it’s so hard to choose between these two masterpiece. They both are equally complete each other. Let me explain how they do that:

Angry mom: A comedy drama that contains more WTF moments than any detective dramas that i’ve written before, and slightly more shocking than all of the dramas i’ve watched, but in the same way as Signal. Really good to watch for teenager, or any organization who fight bullying. This is the only drama i rated as Educating. What makes it better is that you could laugh hardly at some episodes that you’ll never forget. Involves love story of course–you can guess it. But the lovebirds is not weird or make you wanna puke. It’s just normal. The ending is perfect, tho. It’s not disappointing. On some episodes you’re gonna cry like a baby, the way Titanic has made you cry 19 years ago.

Signal: No words could describe this amazing drama! Longtime film actress are used in order to make this drama perfect, that if you take Signal and Remember side by side, you’d change your mind and give a 3 for Remember actors. That sounds rude, but this epic drama is unbeatable! When i first watch it, i thought it was a movie. Didn’t think K-Drama could be this great. Weird, ha? And this drama doesn’t involves WTF moments only, but OMFGWTFIH?! A.K.A oh my fucking god what the fuck is happening. And with no question, this one’s involves romance too–that shockingly, written in my opinion as beautiful. The ending is good tho, but it left some of your question unanswered. And that’s the only prons that make it equally has the same rating w/ Angry Mom. If only they take like 4 mins more for to complete the drama to the end, i’d give this drama slightly 5 stars with no doubt.

(But if you ask me which one of these two you’d have to watch first, i’d give a signal for you to watch Signal. Because this one’s more epic and thrilling like, alot)

Everyone who have completely watched both dramas till the last episodes know, that it’s not only about thrilling. I can say that these two is the only dramas that made me sad when it ends, not because the story ends but because the story has build a living character on my own imagination. It plays your heart, you know, the emotional range is there. When you’re watching angry mom especially. Either you fall in love with one of Oh Ah Ran’s classmates or conjunctly become very sad when they almost graduate.

These two dramas deserves Korean Grammy, if that ever exists.


kdrama angrykdrama signal

Allegiant (Review + Movie + Book) #NoSpoiler


This movie, i think, is way better than Insurgent. I don’t know. Maybe because i felt disappointed with the last one of the Divergent series, so i love Allegiant more. For the Veronica Roth lovers, if memory serves me correctly, this movie isn’t so different with the book. I mean, yeah still Allegiant can’t beat Divergent because the award for similarities between the book and the movie goes to Divergent, but Allegiant is still worth to watch. Some plots are missing, though. Just to be fair.

I didn’t manage to watch this movie last week, i don’t even have interest. But, now i didn’t regret that i had spent 30 rb for a ticket. It’s great. What makes it even greater is because there’s a beautiful scene. I don’t want to spoil anything, but-

But but but! There’s a touching scene that you’re gonna love at the almost ending at the movie. There’s something that Four say that had me cry for a second. I’m not that clear explaining what i mean to you guys, aren’t i?

Told you i won’t spoil. See it yourself.

But this movie had me a surprise since i had read the book and i already knew how the end would look like. But the Allegiant ending isn’t much of what’s been told on the book. I almost judge this movie that they’re on Insurgent’s side, but then i discussed with my classmate about it. She got me a clear answer. She told me that due to what’s happening on Path, there’s an information that the Divergent series won’t end with Allegiant. The producer or whoever that is on charge, will make the fourth movie of the series, called Ascendant or whatever it is, as the closing of the Divergent series.

Here comes the point where i want to critic. I like the way that means Divergent series will continue as i’ve always loved the series, but it’s getting more and more far from the book, isn’t it? It spoils the art. I wouldn’t love Divergent series if it wasn’t for Veronica Roth’s clever literature.

Evidently, some even say that they (the producer) failed to split the last book into two movies. I agree a little bit. An american film critic even came out with a comment that most likely comes from Simon Cowell’s annoying mouth, but in fact it was the one and only Peter Travers who said it. Intrigued? Don’t be. That simple, Sir, that simple and that cool.

Woaw, woaw. I should really be honest here, yeah in fact even Insurgent can still beat Allegiant for the action thrill and everything. But in my POV, no Allegiant is not that bad. Although i admire Mr.Travers, as much as i respect people’s opinion, i beg to differ.

You can either now choose to watch it or not. It’s you money that you’d spend for the ticket. I’m still think Allegiant is great, tho.

Alican On Fire (1)

suatu hari di aLiCANuankkclaluceliaa, terjadilah kebakaran yang disebabkan pak kyai ngamuk hebat di dapur belakang gara2 kentang sambelnya dikatain harganya 5 rebu ama pite.

terus, ceritanya kamar asrama akhwat SMA juga rubuh atapnya kena api2. trus si inun ribut sendiri hampir kena api. namun datanglah si Fadli dan inun pun mengulurkan tangannya untuk ditolong….*pen bat si nun, yang kemudian langsung ditepis oleh Fadli coz dia udah keburu ngegendong ae *kan berat kalo ditambah inun, jadilah si inun ketimpa tiang terbakar api…. sebelum pingsan, inun sempat bilang “Pilih yang mulus ato yang tulus?!”

sambil ngegendong ae, Fadli pun menyuarakan suara hatinya, “WIDYA!” *lho?!

kemudian Fadli pun menarik tangan widya untuk naek ke motornya, *ceritanya waktu itu motornya belom dicolong, dan ngebuuuut ampe mau nyampe gerbang yang terbakar-bakar. disana ada Pato dan Bibin yang sedang bakar singkong… *sempet2nya ya orang2 ganteng mah.

  1. ae udah ditinggal entah dimana ama Fadli.

pas mo sampe gerbang, tiba-tiba seutas tali berbulu item menarik motor Fadli dari belakang, yang menyebabkan Fadli tertahan dan widya pun jatuh di depan maman… *ternyata tadi tuh kumisnya maman BUKAN TALI, Fadli langsung frustasi dan nanya, “WIDYA, PILIH AKU ATAU MAMAN?!”

widya pun menjawab dengan lantang…. “WAHDAN!”

widya langsung berlari kembali ke asrama SMA akhwat yang aslinya udah rata dengan tanah, guna mencari wahdan…. ketika melihat badan gede itu, widya langsung memeluknya dan ternyata… “Lho, Kak Echa?!” *cerita aslinya sih harusnya yang dipeluk gue, tapi gue ga mau -_-.

Bersambung…. ke Part II