Connor Franta as a Gay

I just checked it out and it's true. He said that on his video this december and it brings me a big surprise as well. I almost cannot believe it, i mean, okay there are people who dont see gay as a bad option to live with, but i'm not a part of those peoples. … Continue reading Connor Franta as a Gay

Another reason to love Connor

if you already read my latest post about Connor then you'll understand what im going to say here, this is the next reason. Connor ouploaded this pict on his FB fanpage, 2 june. which made me think how cute he is--between some peoples who uphold freedom (and they get it wrong so they like 'do … Continue reading Another reason to love Connor

Why i Love Connor <3

i knew Alfie, Marcus and Connor at the same time. but (well, doesnt mean i compared them 3) i love Connor the most. first, his name is cute. Franta. reminds me of my favorite coke, Fanta. second, he is so handsome. just look at that picture. and the third, i fell in love with him … Continue reading Why i Love Connor ❤