Don’t Forget Omran; Nor Aylan

An image of injured boy from Syria draws attention currently. He just lost almost everything, but he didn't cry; instead, he was sitting in an orange seat in the back of an ambulance, maybe wondering which one of fault that made him deserves to go through such thing. And again, in this very small note, … Continue reading Don’t Forget Omran; Nor Aylan

Etude House Toning White C Kit Review

(As usually, Bahasa first, English version is doooown below just scroll down lovies) Hai, guys! Lama gak update? Nggak lama-lama juga sih, bwehehe... To the point aja ya, gue sebenernya rada males nih kalo pake full-face perawatan. Tahu kenapa? Kulit gue oily bo... gak cocok pake krim banyak banyak! Tapi ketika Etude House ngeluarin rangkaian … Continue reading Etude House Toning White C Kit Review

Allegiant (Review + Movie + Book) #NoSpoiler

This movie, i think, is way better than Insurgent. I don't know. Maybe because i felt disappointed with the last one of the Divergent series, so i love Allegiant more. For the Veronica Roth lovers, if memory serves me correctly, this movie isn't so different with the book. I mean, yeah still Allegiant can't beat … Continue reading Allegiant (Review + Movie + Book) #NoSpoiler

How To Write For The Web

currently i was taking a course from it's an online course baked by Open Universities Australia. free registration and very good because it feels like we really get into the class. from that course i realize why my posts is not really useful, not many people read it. the course says that there's alot … Continue reading How To Write For The Web