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It’s Okay, That’s Alright|Dear Heart

Do you ever occur how much your words would wounds someone? As much as you think one single word can play a different motion. Today i was just happened to be in two situation: Both are pretty similiar.

So there’s a game in my Language class and we play that game as a team. Each one of the member of the team will go to the front and answer the question on a board. When it comes to my turn, beside i’m not into Language at all, i’m also one of the stupidest student at class–now you can guess how ia typically answer those question and lowering the score for my team.

But the team that I’m in at the first Language subject contains grown-ups people and very kind, which i meant they always said “It’s okay, that’s alright” once they saw that i tried so hard to picking up the pieces. And by how shaking my hands were trying to concentrate at the board. And by how hard i was trying to remember that foreign language i never really understand.

But in the second game we played in another Language class, i had to face those who aren’t supportive at all. The way they narrowing their eyes toward my answers, the way they pissed off as that they didn’t want to help me but act like they have any right to judge my wrong answer. That’s just not right.

In here i just wanna tell you that it’s totally fine to be kinder than necessary. And i take a note to myself as a promise, that if in any case I become one of the smartest and I’d have to see a person be in that position as mine right now, i’ll be the first one to say “It’s okay, that’s alright” to show that she/he shouldn’t feel totally sorry because she tried already.


Don’t Forget Omran; Nor Aylan

Tweet by @khalidalbaih on 18 August 2016 saying

An image of injured boy from Syria draws attention currently. He just lost almost everything, but he didn’t cry; instead, he was sitting in an orange seat in the back of an ambulance, maybe wondering which one of fault that made him deserves to go through such thing.

And again, in this very small note, I realized how that picture has drown me into a memory. In the past time, when i was 12, I used to have a friend from Syria. Facebook connects people, right? She was my friend even before Syria turned into a hell. I just wanted to let you know that at first, i always kept in touch with her and worried about everything. There, she always said that she’s fine. Syria doesn’t hurt her that much. Time passes and suddenly she doesn’t use Facebook as much; there’s no green button next to her name on my chat list. I claimed something happen, and in short time, I left Facebook just like the other people. But time heals, and time rebuild. Today i tried my best to get my Facebook back–I accidentally forgot the password after 3 years of not using it.

I was in God’s blessing today, that i could open my Facebook again and i checked how she’s been doing… She’s doing okay. She lives in Turkey now just like the other Syrian refugees. I hope that she’ll feel like home, wherever she goes. And my prays goes for Syria, as always.

Etude House Toning White C Kit Review

(As usually, Bahasa first, English version is doooown below just scroll down lovies)

Hai, guys! Lama gak update? Nggak lama-lama juga sih, bwehehe…

To the point aja ya, gue sebenernya rada males nih kalo pake full-face perawatan. Tahu kenapa? Kulit gue oily bo… gak cocok pake krim banyak banyak! Tapi ketika Etude House ngeluarin rangkaian skincare barunya, yang berbasic whitening, gue rada penasaran. Baca-baca sih, produknya absorbs very fast to the skin, jadi suitable juga buat yang oily. Gue beli sample size buat coba-coba. Gue belinya di toko langganan gue di Tokopedia, yang mana namanya tak gue sebutkan karna gue nggak mau ngendorse tanpa dibayar *Pelit bwehehe.

Okay, let’s get straight into it!

Pertama, gue mau bicarain Tonernya. Toner ini bentuknya cair, tapi agak lebih kental dari toner skin care lain. Pas gue pake, awalnya biasa aja. Absorbs fast? Not really. Tapi lumayan. Ehhh… tengah malem gatel-gatel muka gue. Abis itu bruntusan. Jerawat juga tambah gede. Trauma, gua biarin aja ntu botol meringkuk di pojokan ampe sekarang, untouched samasekali.

Kedua, Emulsionnya. Gue udah rada trauma gitu ama Toner, jadi hati-hati juga ama Emulsion. Bukan apa-apa, selain packaging yang mirip, kekentalan kedua benda unyu ini juga mirip. Malah yang Emulsion lebih kentel, beuuh… gue jadi atut. Apalagi baca di blog mana gitu, yang Emulsion lebih lama absorbsnya daripada yang Toner.

Tapi bo, hidayah emang gak kemana. Kulit gue lagi keriiing banget waktu itu karna seneng renang. Jadi kenyang nih muka ama kaporit. Pas gitu, gue pakai Emulsionnya di daerah mulut, sekitar hidung dan dahi. Pokoknya daerah-daerah yang tends to get dry. Dan wooow… hasilnya memuaskan. Absorbs fast? Nggak terlalu. Tapi nggak sticky juga. Enak? Lembut? Melembabkan? Gue kasih bintang 4.5 buat Emulsion ini. Gak bikin breakout bo! Gue salut.

Ketiga, creamnya ini. Absorbs fast? Yup! Tahu nggak sih, diantara semua krim yang pernah gue coba, ini satu nih yang paling nyerep ke kulit. Pakenya dikit-dikit aja kalo kulit kalian emang oily. Triknya: ambil sebesar dua biji jagung ke tangan, usap-usap di tangan, baru tepuk seenaknya di wajah hehehe.

The last one is the sleeping pack. Sebenernya enak, dingin gitu, gue ampe menggigil because tidurnya pas bawah AC. Moist? Lumayan. Tapi nggak banget. Soft? Nggak terlalu. Fresh?  YA YA YA! Dan gue pake ini nggak tiap hari. Karna gue oily dan takut kulit sensitif ini meraung, gue pakenya seminggu 3 kali soang. Lumanyun lah berhemat pangkal pelit kaya.

Oh ya, ini urutan pakenya temen-temen sekalian: Toner (Tapi gue gak pake)-Emulsion-Cream-Sleeping Pack

Hasilnya so far? Hmm… fresh sih. Lagipula gue bukan jenis yang mau putih-putih amat, walau sebenernya kulit gue jauh lebih putih dari yang sekarang. Artinya gue bisa naekin tone kulit gue ampe batas maksimal. Tapi gue suka tan skin. Lagian putihnya gue  yang dulu juga masih bisa terbilang sebatas morena (tan+yellowish almost be called as white. But only almost babe, almost!). Tapi so far produk ini emang bikin wajah cerah, fresh, kerasa idup kulitnya.


70 rb bo. Isinya toner 10 ml, emulsion dgn ml yang sama, sleeping pack dan cream masing-masing 10 gr kalo gak salah. Pas beli, gue dapet gratis sample lagih wkwkwk.


Hello guys! I’m sorry that something keeps me busy for a while. But i’ve not been missing that long too, tho? Lol.

Alright, i just wanna make it clear that i’m not a fan of a complete skin care routine. My oily skin hates to be around so many products, you know. It break outs everytime! But then this new skin care line from Etude House comes out. I don’t see why i’ll probably regret buying this, so, i then decided to buy it. Got this sample size from my favorite online store which i won’t mention the name here, since i don’t get paid to advertise that web lol.

So, let’s get straight into it!

First, the toner. It’s not as watery as i expect it to be, but i think it’s just fine. Absorbs fast to the skin? Not really. But it’s pretty good, tho… but oh my God, in the middle of the night my pimples were like craving out of nowhere. Another sign of breaking out, and so is an alarm of putting this toner in a box of ‘products i regret buying’.

Second, the emulsion. This actually freaking me out at first, i didn’t really tried the emulsion since the bottle looks alot like the toner (which i have already declare a war with!). Else, this one’s alot more creamy–obviously–than the toner itself. But one day i’m in a good need of a moisturizer which works better than only a cream. So i took this emulsion, forgot that i almost declaring a war with this little thing, and it took me by surprise how it moisturized my skin very well without making it looks uglier worse! LOL!

I think that’s why the Don’t judge book from its cover quote is still popular.

The third one here. I’m gonna talk about the cream now. This needs a noble for not breaking out my skin and to absorbs fast to the skin! I do think this one’s suitable as for all skin type. Really!

The last one is a mask that you could keep for a whole night long, or the so-called Sleeping Pack. So you put it on your face, go to bed, get a rest because you don’t need to wash it off straightly, have a nice dream, and voila! It claims to brighten your skin by the morning. You should really wash it off as you wake up though. But this mask has spent like 8-12 hours on your skin so it definitely already absorbs alot to the skin throughout the night. When you wash it off in the morning you’d actually only was a pair of cream. Some people use this every day, but if you have oily skin, don’t be a hero and try it every day. 3 times a week is a good anyway.

This sample size last me for: the toner (It’s still 90% full by now) the emulsion (3 weeks i guess) the cream (3 weeks too) sleeping pack (only 2 weeks… which is damn)

Price? Affordable, dear reader. 70k rupiah or 6 US dollar ha!

Result? This does making my skin looks fresh and ‘alive’, but the claims to brighten the skin is not yet could be seen. Anyway, i think there’s a difference between brighten and whiten right? So if the brighten that you’re looking for is same as brighten i was looking, this does a great job actually. I have a tan-morena skin which i always loved, still not thinking about whiten my skin currently. I love my skin the way it is though.

Repurchase? Yep. Especially for the emulsion and the cream.

That’s all for now… see ya guys!

April Skin Magic Stone (English+Bahasa) Review

(Bahasa version first. Scroll down patiently because i serve you my English version below)


Halo semua! As we all might have know, Korea selain terkenal drama ato artisnya, juga ramai dengan yang namanya skincare. Gua bukan jenis cewek yang suka perawatan, tapi let me tell you, it’s great sometimes to try out something new.

Kali ini gue baru ngabisin tiga per empat THR (sok tanggung) demi belanja-belanja… termasuk belanja kosmetik Korea! Yups! To the point ya, gua males basa-basi.

April Skin Magic Stone (Black)

Katanya terdiri dari dua versi, tapi gue nggak terlalu ngerti apa bedanya, meski belum nyoba yang satu lagi. Packagingnya misterius-elegan gitu deh… pas gue buka box sabunnya, emmpph… that doesn’t smell like the one i expected! Mungkin karna basicly ini skincare yang pro-herbs ya, jadi baunya kayak obat herbal lokal yang biasa gue temuin.

Sabunnya GEDE BANGET buat seukuran muka, makanya gue cut into 4 pieces, supaya kalo jatoh ke WC gue nggak terlalu rugi bwehehe… Tapi pada akhirnya, gue malah potong lagi yang udah seperempat itu, karna masih aja kebesaran buat gue.

Cara pakai: Busain dengan air di tangan, kayak sabu mandi biasa. Rub into your face, nggak usah digosok-gosok juga gapapa. Tunggu 30 detik, baru rinse off with water (i use regular water, not the warm one)

Hasil: pertama kali make, hmm… enak. Lumayan nge-exfoaliate tanpa merusak atau jadiin kulit kering. Dan wajah jadi cerah seketika… Dan karna pengalaman gue dengan facial soap bar yang lain, gue nggak terlalu berharap cerahnya bakal bertahan lama. Tapi wooow ternyata muka gue tetep bersinar ampe berapa lama lho! It’s very good!

Oh ya, disclaimer nih, cerah dan putih itu beda ya. Putih itu pergantian skin tone, sedangkan cerah itu skin tone tetep sama, cuman lebih fresh kayak habis mandi.

Breakout? Aslinya kulit gue doyan breakout nih. Sensitif sekaleee tapi so far nggak musuhan sih kulit gue ama April Skin ini.

Repurchase? Maybe. Gue baru pertama kali make, jadi belom deket banget ama ni sabun.

So far? Good. Very good.

Jenis kulit? Oily/normal. Kombinasi yang aneh.

Umur? Sebentar lagi 18, bo! Ngapain tanyain sih!

Rating: so far 4.5/5. High juga ya.

Kalo udah lama gue make, ato kalo udah ada kabar (dan duit!) untuk repurchase, gue update deh. Bye byeeee lovies!


April Skin Magic Stone (Black)

I heard that this magical thing comes with two versions, but i don’t know much about the other one. I only buy one and that is the black version, since the price is horribly terribly wrong for my poor lil bank account. It’s 13 bucks, baby, and only for a facial soap bar. Compared to maybelline mascara, which i saw on drugstore (Because sephora is another level for me) priced only 9 bucks, Magic Black Stone seems like too much for my face.

Okay, let’s get straight into it. First thing that we all gonna judge from a product, is definitely the packaging. You all know that Don’t judge book from its cover quote still works, but who cares if in this 21th century everything seems so fine that beauty products has to do alot more designing.

For the packaging i’d give 3.5 out of 5. Just because it doesn’t look entertaining or make me love it, but it doesn’t look bad either. It’s just normal. It’s black-themed which i can tell that the soap is also mysterious. It’s black, like vantablack, since i’ve never seen any soap this black before. But somehow i realize that this type of design suits the product very well. Because it’s basicly black kinda-mystery-drama thing (What am i even talking about?). And that’s how it achieves its classy-in-black style. Understandable tho’.

For the smell i’d give 3 out of 5. When i first open the soap box i was like uuughhh this is not the smell i’d like to live with in my entire life. But as i grab the soap out of the box, the smell doesn’t seem to bother me at all. *I think it’s the box that smells bad. Yeah definitely the box *thinking.

And i know that this soap’s size is just too big for my face. And the other minus is that if this soap accidently slip from our hand in the bathroom–well you know where it’ll go. You’d never want to use a soap bar that contains germs from toilet water, right?

So my tip is to cut it into 4 or even 8 pieces. It works, actually. Even make it easier to carry with when you are traveling.

How to apply: Rub it with water between your hand until it forms a foamy texture. Then massage it into your face, better to leave it for 30 seconds, then you can wash it off. That simple.

The result? I’d give 4.5 out of 5 because it seems like it done a great job on exfoliating my skin without making it dry–instead, this lil magic moisturized my skin well. We all know how much we love that kinda feeling. And it made my skin looks super fresh and bright. And the plus plus plus that i love the most is the brightness doesn’t just appear for a minute or two after i wash my face, but it actually stays. It’s been some hour and i’m still like to look at the mirror.

Repurchase? I don’t know yet. This is my first try so let’s wait another day to decide, you know.

Skin type? Oily-normal. A bit disturbing, right?

Breakout? Breaking out has been my skin’s habit since a long time. But so far that doesn’t seem like there’s a war going on on my face.

Age? I’ll be 18 soon. *Why did i even write this down?

And that’s all. I promise that i’ll make another review one week after this. So goodbye, lovies!


UPDATE: Lovies, you know what? I repurchase my second Magic Stone just tomorrow! Yay! This magic didn’t disappointed me.