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This is just what my brains says about what is happening around me

Don’t Forget Omran; Nor Aylan

Tweet by @khalidalbaih on 18 August 2016 saying

An image of injured boy from Syria draws attention currently. He just lost almost everything, but he didn’t cry; instead, he was sitting in an orange seat in the back of an ambulance, maybe wondering which one of fault that made him deserves to go through such thing.

And again, in this very small note, I realized how that picture has drown me into a memory. In the past time, when i was 12, I used to have a friend from Syria. Facebook connects people, right? She was my friend even before Syria turned into a hell. I just wanted to let you know that at first, i always kept in touch with her and worried about everything. There, she always said that she’s fine. Syria doesn’t hurt her that much. Time passes and suddenly she doesn’t use Facebook as much; there’s no green button next to her name on my chat list. I claimed something happen, and in short time, I left Facebook just like the other people. But time heals, and time rebuild. Today i tried my best to get my Facebook back–I accidentally forgot the password after 3 years of not using it.

I was in God’s blessing today, that i could open my Facebook again and i checked how she’s been doing… She’s doing okay. She lives in Turkey now just like the other Syrian refugees. I hope that she’ll feel like home, wherever she goes. And my prays goes for Syria, as always.


The Best Part of Snapchat!

So, i had this app for like some months ago but did not really get interest to find out more, since nobody uses Snappy at my school.
But it feels better when my junior classmate gave me her snapchat and ask me if i have one. What i like the most from this app is:
-it has that little text column in the middle
-we are ourselves. We cannot edit through camera360 or beautyplus first. We are who we really are
-make us feel a lil more confident and
-taught us to accept ourselves just the way we already are
You might not realize this, but its true. My silly friend who had silly life and always want to look beauty slim perfect never use this app. Its kinda slap for em when we sit in our class talking so much fun about Snapchat, and they dont really have courage to look unperfect through snapchat camera.
Snapchat, yes, it supports photo effect but only effect not blemish or ‘bigger the boobs’ and ‘slimming the body’ and ‘no acne’ and any other beauty filter. And we usually not taking our snap with preperation like washing our face and put some make up, no we did not. Sometimes when we woke up with some mess hair and weird face, all we need is to take selfie with Snap and send a ‘good morning’ to our friend so it doesn’t need make up or anything. Preparation even make it not practice.
By the way, you are allowed to add my snap nanaaiman just dont be shock of my ugly faces you might need to wear glasses first *no, really im not that ugly. Well, maybe :p*

That ‘Perks’

i am pretty sure you guys have heard of The Perks Of Being A Walleflower. i tell you, i don’t really like romance but i never get bored to watch that movie over and over again.

Its really hard to find teenage romance movies that aren’t cheesy and really predictable, which is why Perks was amazing and really understated. and honestly another thing i like about the Perks is that the story is not 100% about love, it’s also about friendship and everything. i just really like it.

and i mean, i know there’s some kissing scene and one moment when Charlie touching the bo*bs, but compared with other movies, the Perks is still categorized as ‘safe enough’. there’s no sex scene, there’s no other porn and it’s really cute. really touches the true life of a teenager whole-heartly *lol.

PS. i like Emma Watson’s haircut on this movie too!the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-poster-big

Tonight, We Are Young!

For me, being a teenager must be very cool. In our age, which is i call as The Golden Age, we could make the world shocked by our brain and actions. That’s the definition of being a teenager for me.

okay, that’s not what i want to talk about right now, although the topic is related enough.

i have a friend, he is the same age as mine. we both are 16 years old. we have problems like other teenager. he became insane because he loves a girl that he is not even sure she would love him back. my problem? maybe not that big. but for me, mine is the worst problem.

i’m having some kind of anxiety disorder and it drive me crazy. it hurts me alot, like this is not a real me and everything. i’m fighting against this disorder in the past few years. i become depressed alot. maybe you thini this is just a little silly childish problem but i tell you, this is so fuckin’ hard that made our life insane. but tonight, it seems like we, me and him, become younger.

he said that he got that girl off from his mind. he is not given up, only decided not to chase that girl anymore. he said that he felt so free now. fyi, he’s been chasing that girl for a year and there’s alot of things he’s been through while loving that girl. cheating, dumping, and such. it is so hard and not easy. he’s been bullied on his school and got no motivation but that girl–which is absolutely hopeless for him. well, i won’t tell you more because it’s actually privacy.

and i decided to fight this disorder with harder way, a way that i never fought with that way before. but this is the best way, a way that i’ve been scared of. i gotta be brave and tell myself not to feel guilty. this is my choice, tonight, because this disorder, which is so hurt that i cannot tell you about it at all, has disturbing my life too much. anxiety disorder is not something you can just let go off. it’s rolling on your mind 24 hours per day.

we both made a big decision tonight and for me that was pretty cool. and because i was falling in love with Fun.:We are young, so, i kept listening to this lyric, to remind you guys out there who’s having anxiety disorder (which in my case, is COD) and to those guys who’s desperately broken-hearted, who’s been bullied so hard:

Tonight, we are young

so i set the world on fire

we can burn brighter

than the sun

ps. i told my friend that i was walking on a Mall, looking at people who walks around me, thinking about why couldn’t i live normally (without anxiety) like other people? that’s what made me think i need to get better 🙂

About Eating and Brain Function.

them both are related, for sure. brain got some signals to confirm us to eat. and it’s good, i mean, eating is healthy. but being in hunger is not really bad tho.

we used to think that our brain doesn’t grow anymore when we reach adulthood and that’s the information we got. i’m sure it’s true, but there’s a benefit about being hungry. brain works best with empty stomach.

i heard about this from Sherlock Holmes and the leader of anti-aging international organitation, i forgot her name but she is from Japan. she wrote a book about diet and to stay healthy too.

she said that empty stomach make brain reheal itself and everything. that was so cool because old peoples doesn’t eat much when they want to be very concentrate at something. and i tried that too–well, it works well!