Belajar Dari Gading-Gisel: Privasi Cerdas dan Sosial Media

Percintaan dunia artis sedang gempar. Istilah true love dianggap hanya dongeng sejagat. Gading dan Gisel, nama kedua sejoli penghias negri dongeng. Siapa sangka, feed manis yang dihiasi senyuman Gempita, putri mereka, selama ini menutupi sebuah rahasia. Perceraian mereka tidak kelihatan bahkan batang hidungnya di akun Instagram yang selama ini sukses membuat keluarga mereka tampak harmonis … Continue reading Belajar Dari Gading-Gisel: Privasi Cerdas dan Sosial Media

Don’t Forget Omran; Nor Aylan

An image of injured boy from Syria draws attention currently. He just lost almost everything, but he didn't cry; instead, he was sitting in an orange seat in the back of an ambulance, maybe wondering which one of fault that made him deserves to go through such thing. And again, in this very small note, … Continue reading Don’t Forget Omran; Nor Aylan

That ‘Perks’

i am pretty sure you guys have heard of The Perks Of Being A Walleflower. i tell you, i don't really like romance but i never get bored to watch that movie over and over again. Its really hard to find teenage romance movies that aren't cheesy and really predictable, which is why Perks was … Continue reading That ‘Perks’

Tonight, We Are Young!

For me, being a teenager must be very cool. In our age, which is i call as The Golden Age, we could make the world shocked by our brain and actions. That's the definition of being a teenager for me. okay, that's not what i want to talk about right now, although the topic is … Continue reading Tonight, We Are Young!