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Diary: Kampung Inggris, Pare|First Month

This is an honest review, you guys. Some kind of experience I’ve been doing lately. At the moment gue nulis ini, gue lagi duduk di salah satu kamar asrama di Pare, Kediri, yang menyesakkan dan puanas namun thanks to Allah and the fan that i put right next to me, I haven’t been a daging bakar kepanasan wkwk.

Kalo gue search di google, and maybe you’ve done that too, kita bisa liat bahwa semua pada review yang bagus-bagus tentang Pare gitu, dan kalo nanya temen-temen yang pernah ke Pare pasti bakal jawab sama. Tapi disini, bukannya gue nggak seneng di Pare, tapi gue bakal release Pros and Cons dari keputusan ngambil kursus di Kampung Inggris. So without further due(?), let’s dig into it!


-Harga makanan disini murah-murah. [Temen gue langsung nganga pas gue bilang makanan termahal yang pernah gue beli cuman 7 ribu. Itu pun nasinya udah bikin perut bengkak]

-Biaya kursusnya affordable banget

-Kosan maupun asramanya juga murah-murah [Dan biasanya udah plus Wifi]

-Wifi everywhere! [Bahkan di warung-warung nasi sesederhana apapun ada Wifi dah]

-Ketemu orang berbagai culture and latar belakang

-Apa aja ada [Dari sepeda sampai kipas angin pun bisa disewa]

-Kalo ngejemur baju cepet banget kering wkwk



-Puanas tenan [Siap-siap bayar uang sewa kipas. 60-an sebulan]

-Jauh dari mana-mana [Namanya juga kampung!]

-Kediri itu nggak semodern Jakarta [Jadi jangan harap bisa nemu Mall yang lebih fancy dari yang ada di Jakarta]

-Berdebu abis. [Kalo lagi hujan, kalau nggak cepet-cepet nutup jendela or pintu, bisa-bisa banyak debu masuk yang bakal kita sadarin lately nanti pas ujan udah reda]

-Karna multi-culture, banyak orang yang berasal dari daerah-daerah dan nggak begitu open minded. [Banyak yang individualis dan nggak pedulian, bahkan pura-pura nggak tahu dia udah nyebapin masalah #bapergue #smh. Bukan hanya yang dari desa-desa luar, tapi orang Kedirinya juga ada yang begitu. Gue dan teman-teman punya pengalaman2 nyakit dah pokoknya.Tapi kalo ada yang baik, ya baik banget. Dan banyak kok yang baik jadi don’t worry:)]


Personal Tips:

-Sewa kipas angin is a must.

-Sewa sepeda. Gak usah yang bagus-bagus yang penting ada rodanya wkwk.

-Personally, gue lebih prefer kosan daripada asrama. Harganya nggak sampai 200 ribu per bulan dan terkadang kita bisa nemu kosan yang seorang satu kamar. Tapi kalau emang pengen ambil kursus Inggris yang full alias bisa practice B.inggris sama temen seasrama ya boleh aja.

-Kalo orang-orangnya pada nyebelin, please don’t give a damn. Do what you do. Bahkan kalo emak kosan lo yang ngeselin, jangan langsung mikir untuk pindah tempat walaupun lo bisa. Selesain dengan kepala dingin [Makanya sewa kipas alright] I can tell that we should call itย pendewasaan diri.

-Please, jangan kesini sendirian. Mending ajak temen.ย Ini personal opinion sih, tapi karna gue tinggalnya di Bogor Kota dan 3 tahun terakhir nge-asrama di Jakarta, gue jadi radaย shockย cultureย gitu disini [Kok bisa? Ya ga tau kenapa juga sih wkwk]. Kalo ada temen it’ll reduce the awkward feeling we have when we got here.


Lastly, what to pack?

-Baju. Kagak udah banyak-banyak emang lo mau pindahan apeh.


-Obat-obatan pribadi


Yang bisa lo skip dari packing karna bisa beli setiba di Pare:


-Sabun and peralatan mandi.


-Buku and peralatan tulis


-Mostly everything you need gampang dibeli di Pare jadi kalo lo cuman bawa badan dan duit pun lo siap dah wkwk.


Okay, that’s all. Gue harap ini berguna buat lo-lo semua. Bye! C YA!



Tonight, We Are Young!

For me, being a teenager must be very cool. In our age, which is i call as The Golden Age, we could make the world shocked by our brain and actions. That’s the definition of being a teenager for me.

okay, that’s not what i want to talk about right now, although the topic is related enough.

i have a friend, he is the same age as mine. we both are 16 years old. we have problems like other teenager. he became insane because he loves a girl that he is not even sure she would love him back. my problem? maybe not that big. but for me, mine is the worst problem.

i’m having some kind of anxiety disorder and it drive me crazy. it hurts me alot, like this is not a real me and everything. i’m fighting against this disorder in the past few years. i become depressed alot. maybe you thini this is just a little silly childish problem but i tell you, this is so fuckin’ hard that made our life insane. but tonight, it seems like we, me and him, become younger.

he said that he got that girl off from his mind. he is not given up, only decided not to chase that girl anymore. he said that he felt so free now. fyi, he’s been chasing that girl for a year and there’s alot of things he’s been through while loving that girl. cheating, dumping, and such. it is so hard and not easy. he’s been bullied on his school and got no motivation but that girl–which is absolutely hopeless for him. well, i won’t tell you more because it’s actually privacy.

and i decided to fight this disorder with harder way, a way that i never fought with that way before. but this is the best way, a way that i’ve been scared of. i gotta be brave and tell myself not to feel guilty. this is my choice, tonight, because this disorder, which is so hurt that i cannot tell you about it at all, has disturbing my life too much.ย anxiety disorder is not something you can just let go off. it’s rolling on your mind 24 hours per day.

we both made a big decision tonight and for me that was pretty cool. and because i was falling in love with Fun.:We are young, so, i kept listening to this lyric, to remind you guys out there who’s having anxiety disorder (which in my case, is COD) and to those guys who’s desperately broken-hearted, who’s been bullied so hard:

Tonight, we are young

so i set the world on fire

we can burn brighter

than the sun

ps. i told my friend that i was walking on a Mall, looking at people who walks around me, thinking about why couldn’t i live normally (without anxiety) like other people? that’s what made me think i need to get better ๐Ÿ™‚

Paling kocak sedunia / Funniest on earth

i’m gonna write in english and bahasa right now, you can see the indonesian version as you scroll down your mouse

So, this is a true story of my funny life this week. My friend had a boyfriend and they used to love each other.
Once upon a time, she realized that her boyfriend is such a dick. He is so lame and stupid and everything. He often cheat on her but he accuse that she was the one who cheated.
Their long distance relationship began with shit and ended with shit too. Her boyfriend almost never visit her on Jakarta and always tell her to come to his city or he will be angry.
Else, her boyfriend is stupid too. For example, he never understand that his girfriend is sometimes busy and she cannot text or call him all the time. He will accuse her that she didnt love him anymore, that she had a new boyfriend that she cheated and blah blah blah blaaaah just because my friend is a bit busy and cannot answer his call. Oh shit!
And the worst part is when he pretend to be dead. Haha. I mean, he often pretending like he is in a hospital or he is sick or he had a heart attack or something just to get my friend’s attention when she is a lil bit busy(WTF?!)
Or sometimes he will be like “You did not answer my call? Or my text? You dont love me anymore, Mommy?(yess they call each other with that name sounds lame, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) okay if you dont love me anymore oooh i had a heart attack because you ignore me! Ooooh i’m just gonna commit a suicide and everythiiing”
If you dont believe that he said like that to my friend, just watch his reaction by yourself when his girl left him to go toilet and cannot answer his call what the fuck ๐Ÿ˜‚ seriously, i’m not lying and that’s really happening.
Hahahhahahahahha i laughed till my belly hurts!
I mean, he is a guy and everything but he is just so lame like a girl. He is not grown-up, althought he will be 20 this year!
This week was the worst part. My friend, call her echa, she tried to break up with her lame bf which we call him as arwah. She tried so many times but she is way too kind to him, and because she worried about arwah’s words “im gonna kill myself if you end this relationship with me, echa”
But this time is different. Echa said to arwah that ‘this is all over and dont call me mommy-daddy anymore’. As usually, arwah pretended to be dead. He said that he was walking to a train station and he will commit a suicide there. At first, echa almost takes her words (about break up) back, but we told her just to let arwah do what he wants. I mean, the whole time arwah lies about he is sick he is in hospital and blah blah just to get echa’s attention. Echa must not be tricked again this time. So arwah text her like, “im now in train station are you goin to say goodbye or not? Goodbye i love you”
But echa does not care. The next morning she got a text that saying that arwah died last night. We laughed alot when we saw arwah’s fb account, he jut commented on a status and changed his profil pict this morning. Who did that? His ghost? Hahhahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
The truth is, arwah just tried to get echa’s attention and failed. Now, echa is single and is living happily ever after ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Jadi, ini kisah nyata dalam idup gue minggu ini. Ceritanya gue punya temen bernama echa. Suatu hari di bekasi , ia bertemu pocong bernama alam yang akhirnya dia pacarin selama berbulan2. Orangnya kece tapi banci abis minta digiles.
Coba deh, dia sering selingkuh sama cabe2an di kegelapan lapangan depan rumahnya dan dengan watadosnya pas echa tanyain, malah nuduh echa balik bahwa echa selulingkuh and everything.
Echa tuh udh sering nyoba buat putus tapi gagal mulu, soalnya alam ini sejenis mahluk nekat yang selalu bilang mau bunuh diri kalo diputusin. Begonya, echa percaya lagi (emang echa kadang2 rada bego sih)
Lucunya lagi, kalo si echa lagi sibuk and ga bisa ngangkat telepon alam, alam bakal sms kyk gini,
“Bunda ga sayang lagi ya sama ayah ? Yaudah kalo bunda ga sayang lagi sama ayah ooooh bunda udah punya yang lain? Yaudah ayah masuk rumah sakit eh bunuh diri eh mau matiii”
Pokoknya intinya kayak gitu, dan gua ga boong samasekali, kalo ga percaya pergi aja ke sbs di bekasi trus temuin dah cowok cungkring bentuknya kayak terong di tengah2 lapangan.
Trus, kemaren tuh echa brani buat mutusin alam. Alam juga sering boongin echa supaya narik perhatian, contohnya kayak bilang dia di RS dirawat n sekarat atau apapun itu, supaya echa ga putusin. Pokoknya sering banget boong kayak tuyul.
Trus kemaren echa mutusin alam. Si alam itu, dia ngeboong lagi and bilang dia mau bunuh diri karna diputusin. Akhirnya dia nyebur ke got dan nguburin diri ehh salah, akhirnya tuyul ini pergi ke kranji untuk bunuh diri nabrakin diri ke kereta. Udah gitu dia sms,
“Aku udah mau mati niiih keretanya mau dateng, ada pesan2 trakhir gak? Yaudah kamu jaga diri baek2” bla blaa blaaa blaaaaa sok banget yak. Tp echa kali ini ga bertindak konyol dengan nyebur ke got untuk nyari alam. Echa biarin aja, karna udah capek diboongin.
Esok harinya echa dapet sms kayak gini(yang foto di bawah) tp beberapa waktu kemudian alam buka fbnya and ganti pp, komen2an and eveything. Makanya gue panggil dia arwah maen facebook.
Ketawan banget kan boongnya? Baru sekali gua ketemu tuyul kayak gini.
Akhirnya, echa living single ever afterrr eh, maksud gue living happily ever afterrrrr
Tepuk tangan dong buat echaaa ini gak gue karang lho. Kalo mo bemuin orangnya datengin aja selokan di komplek sbs bekasi, cari alam diantara lumut lumut yang begoyang.
Bye, indos! Thanks for reading!

update: arwah has not give up yet, after failed to get echa’s attention with the-im-dead joke, now he lied to echa that he is going to Singapore to live there and never meet Echa ever again. He lies, i know it, just to get echa’s attention. And by the way i call him arwah or with his real name sometimes, Alam


How To Write For The Web

currently i was taking a course from it’s an online course baked by Open Universities Australia. free registration and very good because it feels like we really get into the class. from that course i realize why my posts is not really useful, not many people read it.

the course says that there’s alot of thing about writing for the web. it says that actually writing an article for paper and website is different, because people don’t read on the internet. they scan it with an F shape. well, if you don’t understand then go to open2study ๐Ÿ™‚ writing for web article needs to be simple and clear too. don’t use jargon if your website is about pregnancy :p use formal language if you have a non-teenager website. use a simple words and avoid past tense, use present for most of all.


Best Training Course Ever

i had a pretty good times thi8s weekend. i hjoint a trainig course by Innoent Corporation. It’s very good because, just like their motto, they made us more creative and such. they spoke english all the time–well, i told you already, right?–they are super cool, maybe i’m weird but really., there is nothing like that in Indonesia. we learn n play at the same time, like, really playing. when i was kid my teacher used to say like, we play and learn, but what they means by playing is also same with learning. they are weird, lol. but this one is truly playing.

we become an investor in a week, well, not really an inventor but just planning to be an investor. it’s a very nice training. the teacher, Dr.Rosa and Dr.Omar are very nice. they treat us not the way a teacher usually treat the students. they always say ‘perfect’ for all my work eventhough it was pretty bad, and if i show it to my real teacher he would’ve been like, “What the hell are you creating?” well, i guess it’s a matter of praising and respecting too, right?

and they never talk to me with bad intonation and they never force me to do this and that, just all i want. it’s incredible. am i weird or is it just me who were pretty unlucky to haveย bad teachers my whole life? i just met good teachers right now, and maybe some years ago in my school.

imagine what if all teachers in this world were just like them? students would love to go school then!