Selfie Like a Tumblr Girl

One thing i like about Tumblr is that the pictures there are so sweet, different from other. Usually the Tumblr pict contains text with funny style and the model is usually does not looking at the camera. The model was looking at something else like something behind the wall or something next to her/him. So, … Continue reading Selfie Like a Tumblr Girl

How to unrar a file

As for me, unrar a file is very easy since i download a software called 'Elite Unzip'. It's free and easy to use. First, if you got a zip file that has to be convert into a normal file, you can click on your right mouse and choose 'extract here' in the option. But if … Continue reading How to unrar a file

A trusted online product

I always wondering like, is it just me or everyone else often feel disappointed when we receive an online product home? Because the result is not as good as i expected. When you order an online medicine to get yourself more healty or new dress to get yourself look beauty but you are not getting … Continue reading A trusted online product

A Talented Korean guy

Do you like violin? i really like the sound of violin. and i met this talented guy whose name is Jun Sung Ahn. well, as i told u, i dont like korea but this one is so talented and i can't doubt it! please welcome, Jun Sung Ahn! this is one of my favorite!