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Selfie Like a Tumblr Girl

One thing i like about Tumblr is that the pictures there are so sweet, different from other. Usually the Tumblr pict contains text with funny style and the model is usually does not looking at the camera. The model was looking at something else like something behind the wall or something next to her/him.
So, i tried to take one as a selfie.
First, you need to find a beautiful lighting. Natural lighting ofcourse, non effect please.
Second, you need to smile at something else other than the camera and pretending like you are not taking a pict.
Third, pour some ‘balancing the colour’ or ‘sharp and brighten’ to your pict, which is still coming with the ‘non-effect’ rule.
Fourth, add some text wigh funny style. Then that’s a selfie!


How to unrar a file

As for me, unrar a file is very easy since i download a software called ‘Elite Unzip’. It’s free and easy to use.
First, if you got a zip file that has to be convert into a normal file, you can click on your right mouse and choose ‘extract here’ in the option. But if you are confused, open Elite Unzip or just right click on the file to want to convert and choose open with–Elite Unzip
When the new window of Elite Unzip has opened, choose decompress which is very easy to find. It placed on the bottom of the window.
Happy unzipping!

How To Download A Movie Easily

First of all, i want to say that i’ sure some guys of you hate it too when we are going to download a movie but ended up with a bunch of links and ads.
I found a way to download movies. It’s quite simple. A way that which at first i think i might be in trouble with ads again but this is the best way i’ve ever know, and no i did not get into a trouble with ads. Yeah there is some ads but it does not really matter because the ads is not disturbing and there’s just a few ads, not alot. Maybe one or two. And fyi, this is free.
The first step is you need to download BitTorrent. It’s free, just search it on google. If you are using android you can download BitTorrent to your mobile too.
And now, after BitTorrent is installed and ready to use, we should look for a website that has a movie torrent file. I recommended or for you, because i tried both and trust me, it works. Or maybe you could search for another website on google too.
Open the website, search for a movie you want and click on ‘download torrent’ or ‘get torrent’ once you get the movie. Now you have a movie torrent file on your PC. Click on the file twice and it will be opened in BitTorrent automaticly. You will be asked to download the movie or not. Download the movie with BitTorrent then.
For android, open the movie torrent file and chose ‘BitTorrent’ on the ‘open with’ option.
Isn’t that easy?
Well, i have not find out how to download a movie for iOS with torrent since i never tried, but i once tried to download a movie with a paid aplication downloader.

A trusted online product

I always wondering like, is it just me or everyone else often feel disappointed when we receive an online product home? Because the result is not as good as i expected.
When you order an online medicine to get yourself more healty or new dress to get yourself look beauty but you are not getting any better or beauty, is that what happening to you?
But here i go with a product that i trusted so much. It’s a medicine to make my body more healthy and it’s called Tiens. Tiens is from Asia and it’s pretty cool because the result was the best and it made of nature.
Tiens also made some products for beauty and facial treatment and such, not only for bones or medicine. And i trusted them all evenhough i haven’t try their products of beauty yet.
Although Tiens product is expensive enough but i’d rather choose Tiens than another product who offers best result but it doesnt even make a litle difference.
Because trust me, i know. I’ve been spending alot of times become disappointed to expensive-but-shit online products -_-