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Selfie Like a Tumblr Girl

One thing i like about Tumblr is that the pictures there are so sweet, different from other. Usually the Tumblr pict contains text with funny style and the model is usually does not looking at the camera. The model was looking at something else like something behind the wall or something next to her/him.
So, i tried to take one as a selfie.
First, you need to find a beautiful lighting. Natural lighting ofcourse, non effect please.
Second, you need to smile at something else other than the camera and pretending like you are not taking a pict.
Third, pour some ‘balancing the colour’ or ‘sharp and brighten’ to your pict, which is still coming with the ‘non-effect’ rule.
Fourth, add some text wigh funny style. Then that’s a selfie!


How to unrar a file

As for me, unrar a file is very easy since i download a software called ‘Elite Unzip’. It’s free and easy to use.
First, if you got a zip file that has to be convert into a normal file, you can click on your right mouse and choose ‘extract here’ in the option. But if you are confused, open Elite Unzip or just right click on the file to want to convert and choose open with–Elite Unzip
When the new window of Elite Unzip has opened, choose decompress which is very easy to find. It placed on the bottom of the window.
Happy unzipping!

If You Have This Type Of Trouble

i didnt post many articles here currently, it because i was confused how to post it when my browser did not even responds me when i click the ‘new post’ button. its a serious trouble you know, since it means that i cant post so many cute things and hey i hate that!

then i realize my browser is an old version of chrome. now i posted this article with the new version of opera. so, update ur browser as often as possible if u dont wanna get in trouble like me lol

How a homeschooled kid actually like

I spent my 3 years at home when i was on junior highschool. This is how i was:
I dont have friends but got alot from social media. Some of em are fake, and sometimes when i fell in love with them, their love also fake.
But i almost never want to video cam with them because itll be awkward. I mean, i dunno what to talk with them? Chatting is ok but i dont wanna talk by my mouth. And they often force me to meet them somewhere.
internet has been my bestie n i often have some argues with my parents about that. I thought that was their fault not sending me to school so i dont have muh activities but internetting lol.
But because of that i know computer n i know about hacking and blogging a bit.
Internet make me know something dangerous called sex. Luckily im a girl so it doesnt really matter but if i wasnt, i mean if im a boy i’d be addicted to sex so much.
I cant study all by maself its hard, i’d rather go to a course than study alone.
But Alhamulillah i dunno why my IQ is not bad, i tell u, its superior 😀
I felt like im grounded at home but u know? Actually its true :p
N since im all alone at home, i tell u, i love foods and im fat lol haha
This post is jut a warning for all of u if u want to be a homeschooled
Ps. Dont e addicted to sex n internet its not good!

morphting–your baby looks like!

bothhhlast year ive been playing morphthing just to wasting time. and today my friend ask me that she is curious about how her baby will be if she marry her bf. so, i morph their pict and the result was not bad lol. morphthing has become much easier than last year to be used. i love it. you just need ur pic and pic of ur partner. u can do it with arctress too. the result is cute eventhough not 100% right