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My friends–Monas!

if you are trying to find me on these picts, you just wasted ur time. i dont like selfie sooo there’s no me here

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1.5 hour in Monas

im writing this article, where my friends are taking selfies (i wonder why people call all pictures selfie, whats wrong with you people?! :D) –and by the way i put their selfies on this blog, too. im sorry if its diisturbing couse as for me, selfie is diturbing lol. i put their picts on the next article. and by the way because i hate selfie, there is no me on the pict at all, not even one. they took selfie everywhere, like, i was thinking that they will even take selfie in the toilet lol.

im so bored. you know that i live in a boring dormitory, and that today my teacher gave us permission to go outside. to Monas. monas is just way too far from dormitory, but i liked it! atleast we went somewhere a lil far from dormitory because i hate to stuck on my room all my life!

but, wtf, my teacher gave us permission but we have to be at dormitory at 11.30. what made me disappointed alot is, yesterday my teacher promised us to give us permission to come back home at 03.00. a promise that broke. and the fuck, we just arrived at monas at 09.30 and it means that we ONLY have 1.5 hours at monas. what can we do here? i mean, 1.5 for hanging out like, seriously?

FYI: monas means monumen nasional which in english is the national monument. it placed in Jakarta, the place is cool but so hot and i prefer to go Monas at the night when the air is a lil bit fresher and a lil cold, but not so cold, tho. if you want to get ur skin tanned, go to Monas lol and u’ll be expelled from monas couse indonesia is a country that against free-sex or wearing-bikini-only or such lol. dont do it.

what’s behind a student’s laugh

students often laugh during the class with some different reason, and maybe you once have a reason like mine as well. this is so weird but come on, this is such a funny thing at class

my teacher: bla bla bla bla penataran

me: (laughed alot) hahahhahahhaha

shasa: (laughing too but not as much as mine) hahaha. what is penataran, by the way?

me: i dunno. just laughing (without knowing what’s teh meaning of penataran and what makes it funny)

shasa: (laugh harder than me)

new leader this week

my teacher gone from my school, it seems like she has been choosing another place to stay and i heard that the place was awsome. i become the leader on my dormitory, as i did before last year when we have no teacher. the last one was great but the new one is suck because at the first place, i haven’t been my friend’s frined i mean we are still stranger and i dont give a fuck i dont care if i hurt them or not.

being a leader means being a teacher who could punish them. and you know what? its been hard lately because they are my friends now, i cant punish them or they will talk about me make a gossip and bla bla bla and they r girls. girl’s talk hurts sometimes, they will talk bad about me im sure. this week i cried twice or more just because of that.

im struggling right now.