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Allegiant (Review + Movie + Book) #NoSpoiler


This movie, i think, is way better than Insurgent. I don’t know. Maybe because i felt disappointed with the last one of the Divergent series, so i love Allegiant more. For the Veronica Roth lovers, if memory serves me correctly, this movie isn’t so different with the book. I mean, yeah still Allegiant can’t beat Divergent because the award for similarities between the book and the movie goes to Divergent, but Allegiant is still worth to watch. Some plots are missing, though. Just to be fair.

I didn’t manage to watch this movie last week, i don’t even have interest. But, now i didn’t regret that i had spent 30 rb for a ticket. It’s great. What makes it even greater is because there’s a beautiful scene. I don’t want to spoil anything, but-

But but but! There’s a touching scene that you’re gonna love at the almost ending at the movie. There’s something that Four say that had me cry for a second. I’m not that clear explaining what i mean to you guys, aren’t i?

Told you i won’t spoil. See it yourself.

But this movie had me a surprise since i had read the book and i already knew how the end would look like. But the Allegiant ending isn’t much of what’s been told on the book. I almost judge this movie that they’re on Insurgent’s side, but then i discussed with my classmate about it. She got me a clear answer. She told me that due to what’s happening on Path, there’s an information that the Divergent series won’t end with Allegiant. The producer or whoever that is on charge, will make the fourth movie of the series, called Ascendant or whatever it is, as the closing of the Divergent series.

Here comes the point where i want to critic. I like the way that means Divergent series will continue as i’ve always loved the series, but it’s getting more and more far from the book, isn’t it? It spoils the art. I wouldn’t love Divergent series if it wasn’t for Veronica Roth’s clever literature.

Evidently, some even say that they (the producer) failed to split the last book into two movies. I agree a little bit. An american film critic even came out with a comment that most likely comes from Simon Cowell’s annoying mouth, but in fact it was the one and only Peter Travers who said it. Intrigued? Don’t be. That simple, Sir, that simple and that cool.

Woaw, woaw. I should really be honest here, yeah in fact even Insurgent can still beat Allegiant for the action thrill and everything. But in my POV, no Allegiant is not that bad. Although i admire Mr.Travers, as much as i respect people’s opinion, i beg to differ.

You can either now choose to watch it or not. It’s you money that you’d spend for the ticket. I’m still think Allegiant is great, tho.


Deleting cinema ticket collector

this is my hobby. collecting tickets from the cinema. i even collect some that i found on the street lol. at first i thought i’d never make it true because ticket to go cinema is so expensive haha but now? i went to cinema every week and thats not a big deal anymore.

and that’s why i think it’s worth to be a menu on this blog. but as the time passed, i realize that i watched so many movie and collect the ticket but forgot to post anything on that menu. oh my God.

so, i think its better to delete that menu than let it be there but it has no article, or yeah, less articles.

sooo that’s it! but im still posting about my favorite movie sometimes, hehe.

About Lucy and Darwin

This is not a post about a lovestory, or maybe yes, but its just impossible.
Darwin died long time ago. He is a founder of Evolution theory, which is so stupid and i dont believe in it. I am a muslim, i believe in God, and only abnormal people could say that God doesnt exist. However, i watched Lucy because all i know Lucy is an action movie and im kinda curious. I didnt know that lucy taught about evolution theory. But, just some mins after i enter that cinema, i really wanna get the hell out of that place. The followers of darwin, which mostly also a scientist always spread to the world like evolution is right, and they even chose media as their program to spread their failed theory. But however, i ignore that theory still, and juat enjoying the movie. And, Lucy is just funny. Im not a scientist but, could anyone tell me how is that possible a car disappear because the time run faster and faster? Actually the time just ran so muuuch faster till the time itself gone, and it does make sense: the car disappear because the time itself disappear. Everything disappear, including the time, so, time is not the only thing that is truly exist in this world.


New hobby: Cinema tickets collector!

i loved to go Mall and have some fun, go to gramedia book store or just having lunch and dinner at the restaurant. but what i like the most is, which i would rather die than not doing this thing is, go to cinema.
i always collected my tickets and its silly but, really, go to cinema with my own money which is not much, and since im a student too, its hard so the tickets is worth to be collected 😎
and here is some of those tickets well thats not much but atleast i have some haha couse i just started this hobby(its kind of a cool hobby yo) since last may so… its still not much but i have an idea, how if i posted all of movies i watched on this blog, like, a review for that movie? oke, so, ill try to do that so then ill be posting everytime i went to cinema, okay! :))))