Korean Drama Review+Rating(No Spoiler!)

I’m not quite a K-Drama fever, but some drama are just too worthy. I’m not gonna talk about why i don’t have much interest in watching Korean Drama, but i’m in need to explain that because of the reason above, there’s only a few drama that i’ve seen in my entire life. Like, literally. You could count it with only your right hand’s finger–plus that one mommy finger from your left, tho.

But it’s not like i don’t appreciate those dramas that needed four thumbs up–even for the ones that i regret watching, of course. So i made a list with my own personal rating, begins with the-not-so-bad but still counted as the worst, as i’ve never had much interest to watch other drama though. I know there’s tons of K-Drama all over the world, and i’m pretty sure the ‘worst’ drama on my list still could beat other dramas with their ability at some level.

So let’s get straight to the point, and here you have it!

Click Next to start the countdown.

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