6. Sensory Couple (A.K.A The Girl Who Sees Smell)

kdrama sensory

Rating: 3/5

Do i regret? A little.

Thrill you yet? Not really.

This is the drama that serves you something out of logic, and for some reasons i’d still appreciate by how SC still able to keep me sitting in my couch ‘til my butt hurts. The only thing that keeps me watchin’ is because this serves you kinda detective-mystery (But don’t compare this with Sherlock BBC, please) story that fulfill with (ugh) romance–just look at that poster you can smell the pink vibes already! I must say that i hated the romance part by how often it popped up on my TV screen. But maybe it’s just because i’m a fan of cold-hearted kinda thriller genre so that makes sense if i don’t like it that much.

But the rating for this drama is good. If you are a fan of romance but wanna try something out of the usual, this one serves you right.

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