4. City Hunter

kdrama city

Rating: 3.75/5

Do i regret? Nope at all.

Thrill you yet? A bit.

Lee Min Hooooo! He is the only reason i watched the drama. His face is so pure, you know. Like you’ll straightly know that an angel had escape from heaven to Korea.

Okay, okay, forgive me. Let’s talk about the drama. But that actor is seriously works if you are in need of eye candy for your poor lil heart. LOL.

If you’re a fan of drama that involves kick-ass scene alot, this one is for you. Sometimes it gets a little bit too much, tho. I couldn’t see much blood, hope that explains. And yep of course Korean is all about romance, so this little thing involves romance too–in which i hate–but it doesn’t bother me as much as SC.

I’d give a dislike for the end, unfortunately. They should’ve create a better ending, but i’m not some loser that would likely become a spoiler, so yeah just it.

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