April Skin Magic Stone (English+Bahasa) Review

(Bahasa version first. Scroll down patiently because i serve you my English version below)


Halo semua! As we all might have know, Korea selain terkenal drama ato artisnya, juga ramai dengan yang namanya skincare. Gua bukan jenis cewek yang suka perawatan, tapi let me tell you, it’s great sometimes to try out something new.

Kali ini gue baru ngabisin tiga per empat THR (sok tanggung) demi belanja-belanja… termasuk belanja kosmetik Korea! Yups! To the point ya, gua males basa-basi.

April Skin Magic Stone (Black)

Katanya terdiri dari dua versi, tapi gue nggak terlalu ngerti apa bedanya, meski belum nyoba yang satu lagi. Packagingnya misterius-elegan gitu deh… pas gue buka box sabunnya, emmpph… that doesn’t smell like the one i expected! Mungkin karna basicly ini skincare yang pro-herbs ya, jadi baunya kayak obat herbal lokal yang biasa gue temuin.

Sabunnya GEDE BANGET buat seukuran muka, makanya gue cut into 4 pieces, supaya kalo jatoh ke WC gue nggak terlalu rugi bwehehe… Tapi pada akhirnya, gue malah potong lagi yang udah seperempat itu, karna masih aja kebesaran buat gue.

Cara pakai: Busain dengan air di tangan, kayak sabu mandi biasa. Rub into your face, nggak usah digosok-gosok juga gapapa. Tunggu 30 detik, baru rinse off with water (i use regular water, not the warm one)

Hasil: pertama kali make, hmm… enak. Lumayan nge-exfoaliate tanpa merusak atau jadiin kulit kering. Dan wajah jadi cerah seketika… Dan karna pengalaman gue dengan facial soap bar yang lain, gue nggak terlalu berharap cerahnya bakal bertahan lama. Tapi wooow ternyata muka gue tetep bersinar ampe berapa lama lho! It’s very good!

Oh ya, disclaimer nih, cerah dan putih itu beda ya. Putih itu pergantian skin tone, sedangkan cerah itu skin tone tetep sama, cuman lebih fresh kayak habis mandi.

Breakout? Aslinya kulit gue doyan breakout nih. Sensitif sekaleee tapi so far nggak musuhan sih kulit gue ama April Skin ini.

Repurchase? Maybe. Gue baru pertama kali make, jadi belom deket banget ama ni sabun.

So far? Good. Very good.

Jenis kulit? Oily/normal. Kombinasi yang aneh.

Umur? Sebentar lagi 18, bo! Ngapain tanyain sih!

Rating: so far 4.5/5. High juga ya.

Kalo udah lama gue make, ato kalo udah ada kabar (dan duit!) untuk repurchase, gue update deh. Bye byeeee lovies!


April Skin Magic Stone (Black)

I heard that this magical thing comes with two versions, but i don’t know much about the other one. I only buy one and that is the black version, since the price is horribly terribly wrong for my poor lil bank account. It’s 13 bucks, baby, and only for a facial soap bar. Compared to maybelline mascara, which i saw on drugstore (Because sephora is another level for me) priced only 9 bucks, Magic Black Stone seems like too much for my face.

Okay, let’s get straight into it. First thing that we all gonna judge from a product, is definitely the packaging. You all know that Don’t judge book from its cover quote still works, but who cares if in this 21th century everything seems so fine that beauty products has to do alot more designing.

For the packaging i’d give 3.5 out of 5. Just because it doesn’t look entertaining or make me love it, but it doesn’t look bad either. It’s just normal. It’s black-themed which i can tell that the soap is also mysterious. It’s black, like vantablack, since i’ve never seen any soap this black before. But somehow i realize that this type of design suits the product very well. Because it’s basicly black kinda-mystery-drama thing (What am i even talking about?). And that’s how it achieves its classy-in-black style. Understandable tho’.

For the smell i’d give 3 out of 5. When i first open the soap box i was like uuughhh this is not the smell i’d like to live with in my entire life. But as i grab the soap out of the box, the smell doesn’t seem to bother me at all. *I think it’s the box that smells bad. Yeah definitely the box *thinking.

And i know that this soap’s size is just too big for my face. And the other minus is that if this soap accidently slip from our hand in the bathroom–well you know where it’ll go. You’d never want to use a soap bar that contains germs from toilet water, right?

So my tip is to cut it into 4 or even 8 pieces. It works, actually. Even make it easier to carry with when you are traveling.

How to apply: Rub it with water between your hand until it forms a foamy texture. Then massage it into your face, better to leave it for 30 seconds, then you can wash it off. That simple.

The result? I’d give 4.5 out of 5 because it seems like it done a great job on exfoliating my skin without making it dry–instead, this lil magic moisturized my skin well. We all know how much we love that kinda feeling. And it made my skin looks super fresh and bright. And the plus plus plus that i love the most is the brightness doesn’t just appear for a minute or two after i wash my face, but it actually stays. It’s been some hour and i’m still like to look at the mirror.

Repurchase? I don’t know yet. This is my first try so let’s wait another day to decide, you know.

Skin type? Oily-normal. A bit disturbing, right?

Breakout? Breaking out has been my skin’s habit since a long time. But so far that doesn’t seem like there’s a war going on on my face.

Age? I’ll be 18 soon. *Why did i even write this down?

And that’s all. I promise that i’ll make another review one week after this. So goodbye, lovies!


UPDATE: Lovies, you know what? I repurchase my second Magic Stone just tomorrow! Yay! This magic didn’t disappointed me.


2 & 1. Angry Mom vs Signal.

Rating: 4.8

Do i regret? GOD NO


Uuugh it’s so hard to choose between these two masterpiece. They both are equally complete each other. Let me explain how they do that:

Angry mom: A comedy drama that contains more WTF moments than any detective dramas that i’ve written before, and slightly more shocking than all of the dramas i’ve watched, but in the same way as Signal. Really good to watch for teenager, or any organization who fight bullying. This is the only drama i rated as Educating. What makes it better is that you could laugh hardly at some episodes that you’ll never forget. Involves love story of course–you can guess it. But the lovebirds is not weird or make you wanna puke. It’s just normal. The ending is perfect, tho. It’s not disappointing. On some episodes you’re gonna cry like a baby, the way Titanic has made you cry 19 years ago.

Signal: No words could describe this amazing drama! Longtime film actress are used in order to make this drama perfect, that if you take Signal and Remember side by side, you’d change your mind and give a 3 for Remember actors. That sounds rude, but this epic drama is unbeatable! When i first watch it, i thought it was a movie. Didn’t think K-Drama could be this great. Weird, ha? And this drama doesn’t involves WTF moments only, but OMFGWTFIH?! A.K.A oh my fucking god what the fuck is happening. And with no question, this one’s involves romance too–that shockingly, written in my opinion as beautiful. The ending is good tho, but it left some of your question unanswered. And that’s the only prons that make it equally has the same rating w/ Angry Mom. If only they take like 4 mins more for to complete the drama to the end, i’d give this drama slightly 5 stars with no doubt.

(But if you ask me which one of these two you’d have to watch first, i’d give a signal for you to watch Signal. Because this one’s more epic and thrilling like, alot)

Everyone who have completely watched both dramas till the last episodes know, that it’s not only about thrilling. I can say that these two is the only dramas that made me sad when it ends, not because the story ends but because the story has build a living character on my own imagination. It plays your heart, you know, the emotional range is there. When you’re watching angry mom especially. Either you fall in love with one of Oh Ah Ran’s classmates or conjunctly become very sad when they almost graduate.

These two dramas deserves Korean Grammy, if that ever exists.


kdrama angrykdrama signal

3. Ghost (A.K.A Phantom)

kdrama phantom

Rating: 4.3

Do i regret? Nope at all!

Thrill you yet? Of course!

You have to do whatever it takes to watch this drama, climb any mountain you have and swim across the Nile river even. The drama contains many WTF moments in all its 20 WTF episodes.  Detective-themed drama is everywhere, but a detective whose the enemy is not a killer, but yet a briliant genius hacker is something else. This sucessfully took this drama to another level. It involves romance, a bit, only a tiny lil bit like an atom (Not this tiny, tbh) that you wouldn’t even notice it at first. Intrigued? Please be.

4. City Hunter

kdrama city

Rating: 3.75/5

Do i regret? Nope at all.

Thrill you yet? A bit.

Lee Min Hooooo! He is the only reason i watched the drama. His face is so pure, you know. Like you’ll straightly know that an angel had escape from heaven to Korea.

Okay, okay, forgive me. Let’s talk about the drama. But that actor is seriously works if you are in need of eye candy for your poor lil heart. LOL.

If you’re a fan of drama that involves kick-ass scene alot, this one is for you. Sometimes it gets a little bit too much, tho. I couldn’t see much blood, hope that explains. And yep of course Korean is all about romance, so this little thing involves romance too–in which i hate–but it doesn’t bother me as much as SC.

I’d give a dislike for the end, unfortunately. They should’ve create a better ending, but i’m not some loser that would likely become a spoiler, so yeah just it.

5. Remember (A.K.A War of the Son)

kdrama remember

Rating: 3.5/5

Do i regret? Not really.

Thrill you yet? Nope.

This drama is actually deserves an atleast- 3.75-star from my own rating if it’s not showing much of a romance scene. And what makes it goes even lower than 3.75 is because for some reasons, the actor seems like they don’t know what they’re doing.  They are supposed to make the Drama alive, right? It’s not like i have a good acting talent, but this is another thing–this is a Drama, on TV screen. I’d give the actors, like almost all of them, a 8 out of 10 for their talent.

But the pros is, and this is what matter the most, the scenario script and the story line will make your heart beats faster. It’s shocking, unpredictable, and that’s what the 3.5 talks for. (Seriously, 3.5 is good, man! I’d give Hannah Montana 2 stars only!)