Your Body Tells What You’re Destined To Be

Do you ever think that Muhammad Ali won’t be Muhammad Ali if his body isn’t that big? That Michael Jordan wouldn’t have being the star of basketball if his height isn’t that tall?

I got myself thinking for once, why do i look like this? When i hit puberty i thought why am i so curvy? When i get older i think why–in the whole wide world–i feel like i can’t be taller?

But i won’t be me if it wasn’t for this body. You wouldn’t be that kinda person anyone else get jealous about you. If you have too-tall-body as a girl and a guy tells you, “Oh man i wish i could be that tall” isn’t that interesting? Today BuzzFeed video on Youtube keeps me being busy. They have amazing and great videos to watch. Just look randomly through their videos and you’ll get some benefits on it.

Here, i put some videos that related enough to my article topic. Check it out, seriously, YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!

2 thoughts on “Your Body Tells What You’re Destined To Be

  1. I’m glad you posted this!
    While I attribute Jordan’s and Ali’s successes towards their work ethics, I do agree that the world needs to embrace their bodies as they are. There’s no need to look like Hollywood Red Carpet Celebrities or the people in magazines.
    Many of those images are highly photo-shopped and unobtainable.
    I think the calling to love yourself, love the body you have to work with and love what you do for work need to be spread more and so I praise you for spreading the message!
    Love yourself and everything that is you!


    1. Thankyou so much for your very nice comment here! 🙂 Yeah i think that we need to spread this mssg more and more so the world can see the true beauty. Thanks! Love is what keep the a body stays alive!

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