What Pretty Means (Understanding Girls More)

Oh my! We could’ve spent the whole life just to talk about this! I Realize since i was little that Beauty and Pretty were those words people use to define girl with. That if you’re not pretty and beautiful then, you are nothing. You are worthless.

Me, as a girl, i couldn’t get rid of it. I hate that kind of idea, but i just can’t get rid of it. But all i know is beauty don’t define who you are. Beauty is about being yourself. I don’t get it why people hate the way i am, i mean if i’m ugly then that’s who i am. That’s the prettiest thing of me. That’s the most beautiful version of myself.

i know that, between 7 billions of people, i’m destined to be this. And i’m beautiful with my insecurities.

I couldn’t understand it too, why girls are so obsessed with maake up. I couldn’t blame them, because, men, they play a role too. They treat us like we have to be pretty. It’s PRETTY annoying.

So, i guess, let’s see how other girls thing about being beautiful. Here, i have another cool video from BuzzFeed. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe ’cause they’re amazing.

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