Instagram Star Reveals The Truth (What It Means To Be Yourself)

I was looking for something good on Youtube when i found this. I felt so lucky that i did.

I never knew this person before, because i never really looking through Instagram stars. I only follow a few peoples that i know. In my opinion she had a great smile and beautiful body, but her body isn’t my goal tho. I don’t wanna be that skinny, but she’s beautiful. So surprising to find herself reveals the truth behind her photos, and from that i know, alot of girls out there reaching for something called ‘Beauty’. They tried everything to gain followers and likers.

Basicly she explains the truth about how it feels to be ‘so-perfect’. All the lies we show to the people, all the ‘hardly-eating’ just to make stomach looks absolutely perfect. She told us not to be defined by the likes we gt, the comments people have had toward us. What this instagram star had done is so inspiring. The star that is also popular for her tight tummy photos’s video finally reached by BuzzFeed video. Check this out if you’re interested into it:

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