Going To Movie By Yourself–Alone!

They say only losers do that. They would call me a loner. Guess what? I’ve been doing this for years and i’m pretty excited about what i’m doing!

Mature Man Eating Potato Chips in Movie Theater Auditorium --- Image by © image100/Corbis
Image by © image100/Corbis

It’s not because i’m a single lady–yeah, alright i’m single but that doesn’t even matter because i had a few guys propose me before and i ignored them all, that pretty much means i’m not a loner, ah okay come back to the topic–But i just like to do it myself. I have a couple of friends who like to ask me to join them for movie and sometimes i ignore them because i don’t really feel comfortable about it. Why? I don’t know. I kinda hate when i have to argue with people about what movie we should watch. Usually they pick wrong movie, i mean it’s their favorite genre but that’s not mine. At the end, i became disappointed.

And going to movie by yourself means you can sit wherever you want. Sometimes i even put my foot on the chair right in front of me if nobody sit there–That’s illegal, by the way. Don’t do it if somebody sit there. Don’t ever. I can buy large popcorn without being annoyed about somebody else craving for my food.

You can get both arm rest too, without worry about your date or your friend who is absolutely not sitting right next to you right now. You can pick somewhere, a chair next to another empty chair to put your bag on or your popcorn. I often do that, by the way. If i’m gonna cry or laugh way too hard, i often feel bad about what other will say. But now, nobody’s here to commenting about me.

Sometimes i feel like the world is mine and nobody’s here to bother. I actually like to travel and go shopping alone too. There’s alot of things to do by yourself. And that doesn’t mean you’re a loner. I can pretty much get focus of what i’m doing–watching, shopping, listening to music while attending concert–because nobody’s there to talk to me or talking all way through the Mall. I’m kinda like it.

You know, eating your food alone without worrying, choosing your favorite movie and enjoy what you’re doing more, is likely not a word for a ‘Loser’, even if you’re a loner 😉

PS. Pssst! I first got an idea to write this after watching BuzzFeed’s video. Yeah, themselves again! But all i wrote is all i did, so, yeah, i’m pretty fantastic because i could be that similar to their thought.


I Bow To Them #2cellos And Take My Hat Off While I Aplaude!

Starting from Arima Kousei, an anime character that had me fallen in love with classic music, ’till now, 2Cellos.

They are amazingly beautiful. I used to love rock instrumental, but now i don’t, but maybe that’s what kept me listening to 2Cellos at first. You know, Thunderstorm was like the first song i’ve heard from them. It’s so ‘rock’ that you couldn’t believe it was played by cello only.

One great thing about them is that they managed to turn a “nerdy” instrument into something cool, spectacular and enjoyable even if you’re not a classics fan. Well, i’m a classic fan. I mean, i was just starting to be. And this is not only my thought, but i looked through all the comments and found some people who have same thought like mine.

According to Wikipedia, 2Cellos is a Croatian cello duo, consisting of classically trained Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011, they released three albums and play mainly instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs. Look how hard their name to be written LOL.

Your Body Tells What You’re Destined To Be

Do you ever think that Muhammad Ali won’t be Muhammad Ali if his body isn’t that big? That Michael Jordan wouldn’t have being the star of basketball if his height isn’t that tall?

I got myself thinking for once, why do i look like this? When i hit puberty i thought why am i so curvy? When i get older i think why–in the whole wide world–i feel like i can’t be taller?

But i won’t be me if it wasn’t for this body. You wouldn’t be that kinda person anyone else get jealous about you. If you have too-tall-body as a girl and a guy tells you, “Oh man i wish i could be that tall” isn’t that interesting? Today BuzzFeed video on Youtube keeps me being busy. They have amazing and great videos to watch. Just look randomly through their videos and you’ll get some benefits on it.

Here, i put some videos that related enough to my article topic. Check it out, seriously, YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!

What Pretty Means (Understanding Girls More)

Oh my! We could’ve spent the whole life just to talk about this! I Realize since i was little that Beauty and Pretty were those words people use to define girl with. That if you’re not pretty and beautiful then, you are nothing. You are worthless.

Me, as a girl, i couldn’t get rid of it. I hate that kind of idea, but i just can’t get rid of it. But all i know is beauty don’t define who you are. Beauty is about being yourself. I don’t get it why people hate the way i am, i mean if i’m ugly then that’s who i am. That’s the prettiest thing of me. That’s the most beautiful version of myself.

i know that, between 7 billions of people, i’m destined to be this. And i’m beautiful with my insecurities.

I couldn’t understand it too, why girls are so obsessed with maake up. I couldn’t blame them, because, men, they play a role too. They treat us like we have to be pretty. It’s PRETTY annoying.

So, i guess, let’s see how other girls thing about being beautiful. Here, i have another cool video from BuzzFeed. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe ’cause they’re amazing.

Instagram Star Reveals The Truth (What It Means To Be Yourself)

I was looking for something good on Youtube when i found this. I felt so lucky that i did.

I never knew this person before, because i never really looking through Instagram stars. I only follow a few peoples that i know. In my opinion she had a great smile and beautiful body, but her body isn’t my goal tho. I don’t wanna be that skinny, but she’s beautiful. So surprising to find herself reveals the truth behind her photos, and from that i know, alot of girls out there reaching for something called ‘Beauty’. They tried everything to gain followers and likers.

Basicly she explains the truth about how it feels to be ‘so-perfect’. All the lies we show to the people, all the ‘hardly-eating’ just to make stomach looks absolutely perfect. She told us not to be defined by the likes we gt, the comments people have had toward us. What this instagram star had done is so inspiring. The star that is also popular for her tight tummy photos’s video finally reached by BuzzFeed video. Check this out if you’re interested into it: