Happy Anniversary with It! (A Fancy Year with WordPress)

I didn’t even realize it, until i saw the notification which remind me of last year. So, i sat here. Looking out the window. Thinking about so many things. Didn’t even say a word as if i say something, that’d be forced, awkward.

but actually i was so happy. Till there’s no word would ever show how happy i am. It’s been a year since i started blogging and i had alot of fun.

I often had doubt about continue my wordpress or not. Because of so many reasons, there’s this ‘wordpress can’t be used for Adsense’ till this ‘im kinda bored to post something’. But one thing that kept me here, is that unlikely other blogsite, this website is fun and also the display is easy to be handle and everything. And again, i never get any followers on my blogspot eventhough my posts is millions, but i get much at wordpress, and i never get bored since! Maybe due to the display and such.

This WordPress, It’s not as simple as Tumblr(which idk the only thung i hate about tumblr) and not as hard-to-handle as blogspot. This is just perfect.

with over 140 followers and over 100 post i want to celebrate this. Yaaaaay! 🎉

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