One Honest Thing About Bullying

Can i tell you one honest thing about bullying?

I know everyone says that we should stop bullying and care for them and blah blah blah blah and we don’t need to hate those bullying victims, and that they all are not wrong, but you know what? I got some points you might understand:

-If you go to a place and people starting to hate you, that’s their fault. You are not wrong.

-Then if you move to another place, and people still bully you, that’s still their fault. Not yours.

-But if you go to another place and people still hatin’ you, that’s not their fault anymore. That might be yours.

Have you ever wondering why people keep hating you? Maybe because there’s something wrong with you–well, you might don’t wanna admit it at first. This might sounds sad, but this might be true too. If you are not wrong, then why people keep doing that? Go check yourself and look into the mirror.

I have some experiences with bullying. When i was younger I’ve been dealing with bullying and that sucks. Once i got older i watch my friends bullied each other. Now, take my friends. There are two different girls, call ’em A and B.

A is a cute girl and without any reasonable purpose, people hate her, except me. But she just bullied once: and that’s the bully’s fault, while she is still a good girl.

B is another girl that i used to care about. I’m the one who protects her when she get bullied. I’m the only one who wants to be her friend although–even me–don’t really like her. She’s been bullied when she was in kindergarten, elementary school and now. No wonder everybody hates her–That’s been her fault all the time. Once i told her to change her bad habbits or something, she refuses to listen.

Now, you know what happened? After i gave her friendship and protection and anything, she BULLIES ME BACK. BOOM!

So, no wonder everybody hates her. Bully got their reasons on her. Bully are not wrong on her case–because we won’t love that person who is able to bully us back, right? But if you have checked on yourself and find nothing is wrong with you, believe me, you know yourself better than i do–so, you may be right and they can be wrong.


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