This Is Why People Bullied You

They are obsessed. And jelous.
I’ve been dealing with bullying too, since they are so weird and stupid and obsessed with my brain. Let me tell you something eventhough this might hurts: people only bullied you when you are too smart or too stupid. Consider yourself as the smartest one and stay cool or make yourself better when you are too stupid.
I’m not insulting tou, for sure, i’m also a bullying victim. And i consider myself as the best girl at school because my story goes like this:
One day, my friends (total: 5) and i were fine but two of us left and there’s just 3 of us. I noticed, since like a year before that them both are such a waste, but i still respect them and become their friend. However, things doesn’t work out so great and they became tighter when they started to leave me behind. Just like that.
I felt lonely but i already know they’re such a waste and that they are not worth to be my friend so that was fine. Untill then there’s this mid-semester test and we had to answer some hard questions on paper. That’s when they started to get closer to me. Because they had no brain that i have. But, they left me right after the test is over. It happens, like, everyday.
But last day i felt that i was so lucky because i didn’t give them a change to cheat anymore. I was so angry and show then that ‘i-hate-you-motherfucker’ face so they would be scared. And it works. I finished my test, so beautifully and well, while they are trying to cheat from a book.
In my case, i’m the strongest one and i told my mom and dad about it an the gave me a super nice solution: i live at a dorm currently with those bullshits. But my dad approve me to move to my gran’s house, which is nearby my school, so i dont have to sleep at a dorm with ’em anymore.
But if you’ve been bullied because you are too stupid, ima gonna give u the solution on the next episode of my post :p i hate and disagree with bullying with some reasons like, you are not smart or what, and i want you to know it from my next post. See ya, friends!
Ps. Keep strong, be stronger. You are not survive alone. Them who bullied you survived because they are too jealous and mess up.

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