Facial Foam & Hair Mask That I Bought

I must’ve been so busy that i almost forgot my own blog. Actually, it’s hard to keep myself stay in touch sometimes, but turns out, i have alot of things comes to mind and i wanted to share.
So, i really want ro share my experience this week. I bought 3 beauty products and only God knows why i bought those.
The first one is Facial Foam from garnier, sakura white. It keeps my skin clean at first, it really lighten my skin within a few days. But, it causes acnes and pimples and i hate that :p
The second one is from garnier too, the Garnier Sakura White Night Cream. I haven’t really got any result because i was too afraid that it will causes some pimples too, so i stopped.
The third one, from Makarizo. I know my hair is very health and good, so basicly it doesn’t need anything but i really like to try this on. It is kind of a mask for hair and i hate to say this, but–the product soften my hair so much, but also make it more frizzy.
Those are my bad experience with beauty product :p

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