The Best Part of Snapchat!

So, i had this app for like some months ago but did not really get interest to find out more, since nobody uses Snappy at my school.
But it feels better when my junior classmate gave me her snapchat and ask me if i have one. What i like the most from this app is:
-it has that little text column in the middle
-we are ourselves. We cannot edit through camera360 or beautyplus first. We are who we really are
-make us feel a lil more confident and
-taught us to accept ourselves just the way we already are
You might not realize this, but its true. My silly friend who had silly life and always want to look beauty slim perfect never use this app. Its kinda slap for em when we sit in our class talking so much fun about Snapchat, and they dont really have courage to look unperfect through snapchat camera.
Snapchat, yes, it supports photo effect but only effect not blemish or ‘bigger the boobs’ and ‘slimming the body’ and ‘no acne’ and any other beauty filter. And we usually not taking our snap with preperation like washing our face and put some make up, no we did not. Sometimes when we woke up with some mess hair and weird face, all we need is to take selfie with Snap and send a ‘good morning’ to our friend so it doesn’t need make up or anything. Preparation even make it not practice.
By the way, you are allowed to add my snap nanaaiman just dont be shock of my ugly faces you might need to wear glasses first *no, really im not that ugly. Well, maybe :p*

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