The Art of Writing a Book

Writer is not just someone who create a story and publish it as a book. Freelance writer, blogger, and journalist are also a writer.
As my experience taught me, there’s some point to be a good writer. First of all, i started to write since i was kid. That hobby stopped as i grew up, but then i fell in love with writing again.
To write something good is not easy. You gotta try and try again untill your article/story looks wonderful.
-First, you need to read books. Alot. It will make you understand about good language to use or not to use. You’ll be rich at language and sentences.
-Second, you gotta try. Since the very first step. If you cannot write anything, start with writing a diary or even a journal. And then make yourself be better at writing by write short stories or article. Then you are ready to write a novel.
-At some point we might think that our article or story looks perfect. Don’t be: leave your story for a week, don’t ever check it anymore. Then after a week, read your story again, this time you’ll need to read your story as an editor, not a writer. Because after some times, you’ll find that your story is not perfect yet. It needs to be edit.
Those are some tips to get yourself be better at writing.

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