Selfie Like a Tumblr Girl

One thing i like about Tumblr is that the pictures there are so sweet, different from other. Usually the Tumblr pict contains text with funny style and the model is usually does not looking at the camera. The model was looking at something else like something behind the wall or something next to her/him.
So, i tried to take one as a selfie.
First, you need to find a beautiful lighting. Natural lighting ofcourse, non effect please.
Second, you need to smile at something else other than the camera and pretending like you are not taking a pict.
Third, pour some ‘balancing the colour’ or ‘sharp and brighten’ to your pict, which is still coming with the ‘non-effect’ rule.
Fourth, add some text wigh funny style. Then that’s a selfie!

About Eating and Brain Function.

them both are related, for sure. brain got some signals to confirm us to eat. and it’s good, i mean, eating is healthy. but being in hunger is not really bad tho.

we used to think that our brain doesn’t grow anymore when we reach adulthood and that’s the information we got. i’m sure it’s true, but there’s a benefit about being hungry. brain works best with empty stomach.

i heard about this from Sherlock Holmes and the leader of anti-aging international organitation, i forgot her name but she is from Japan. she wrote a book about diet and to stay healthy too.

she said that empty stomach make brain reheal itself and everything. that was so cool because old peoples doesn’t eat much when they want to be very concentrate at something. and i tried that too–well, it works well!

The Art of Writing a Book

Writer is not just someone who create a story and publish it as a book. Freelance writer, blogger, and journalist are also a writer.
As my experience taught me, there’s some point to be a good writer. First of all, i started to write since i was kid. That hobby stopped as i grew up, but then i fell in love with writing again.
To write something good is not easy. You gotta try and try again untill your article/story looks wonderful.
-First, you need to read books. Alot. It will make you understand about good language to use or not to use. You’ll be rich at language and sentences.
-Second, you gotta try. Since the very first step. If you cannot write anything, start with writing a diary or even a journal. And then make yourself be better at writing by write short stories or article. Then you are ready to write a novel.
-At some point we might think that our article or story looks perfect. Don’t be: leave your story for a week, don’t ever check it anymore. Then after a week, read your story again, this time you’ll need to read your story as an editor, not a writer. Because after some times, you’ll find that your story is not perfect yet. It needs to be edit.
Those are some tips to get yourself be better at writing.

Alican On Fire (1)

suatu hari di aLiCANuankkclaluceliaa, terjadilah kebakaran yang disebabkan pak kyai ngamuk hebat di dapur belakang gara2 kentang sambelnya dikatain harganya 5 rebu ama pite.

terus, ceritanya kamar asrama akhwat SMA juga rubuh atapnya kena api2. trus si inun ribut sendiri hampir kena api. namun datanglah si Fadli dan inun pun mengulurkan tangannya untuk ditolong….*pen bat si nun, yang kemudian langsung ditepis oleh Fadli coz dia udah keburu ngegendong ae *kan berat kalo ditambah inun, jadilah si inun ketimpa tiang terbakar api…. sebelum pingsan, inun sempat bilang “Pilih yang mulus ato yang tulus?!”

sambil ngegendong ae, Fadli pun menyuarakan suara hatinya, “WIDYA!” *lho?!

kemudian Fadli pun menarik tangan widya untuk naek ke motornya, *ceritanya waktu itu motornya belom dicolong, dan ngebuuuut ampe mau nyampe gerbang yang terbakar-bakar. disana ada Pato dan Bibin yang sedang bakar singkong… *sempet2nya ya orang2 ganteng mah.

  1. ae udah ditinggal entah dimana ama Fadli.

pas mo sampe gerbang, tiba-tiba seutas tali berbulu item menarik motor Fadli dari belakang, yang menyebabkan Fadli tertahan dan widya pun jatuh di depan maman… *ternyata tadi tuh kumisnya maman BUKAN TALI, Fadli langsung frustasi dan nanya, “WIDYA, PILIH AKU ATAU MAMAN?!”

widya pun menjawab dengan lantang…. “WAHDAN!”

widya langsung berlari kembali ke asrama SMA akhwat yang aslinya udah rata dengan tanah, guna mencari wahdan…. ketika melihat badan gede itu, widya langsung memeluknya dan ternyata… “Lho, Kak Echa?!” *cerita aslinya sih harusnya yang dipeluk gue, tapi gue ga mau -_-.

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