Connor Franta as a Gay

I just checked it out and it’s true. He said that on his video this december and it brings me a big surprise as well.
I almost cannot believe it, i mean, okay there are people who dont see gay as a bad option to live with, but i’m not a part of those peoples. I’m not okay with gay, you know, i am not okay.
I think every gay could change themselves into a normal one if they want to, like what A. Bryd, Ph.d said here:
But well, ignoring gay is a part of me, but not all of me. So, to be honest i’m still a fan of Connor and still subscribe him on youtube too. It doesn’t change a thing, i guess.
And if you don’t agree with my opinion, well this is just an opinion and this is my choice so i don’t accept bad comment about it. And btw, do u think this article is such a negative comment to Connor’s choice? I’m sorry then. I didn’t mean to, because i love Connor. I’m just sharing an opinion.

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