You know, having anxiety is not as easy as you could ever imagine. Turns out, it’s hard as fuck.
I’m saying this because i’m having a COD which is a part of anxiety disorder and it hurts like hell. It’s like i’m doing something i always denying inside my heart. It feels like there’s a voice in my head tells me to do something again and again untill i felt so sick. But if i did not do that, i’d feel so guilty and full of doubt and sometimes scared too.
It’s just a little thing from anxiety disorder. There’s alot more people struggling against that thing.
I’m sure you feel the same if you are having anxiety too. I used to think that there’s no way out of this darkness but then i know there’s always a clear path.
Some said that to heal anxiety we must go to therapist. You know what theraphist do? They assure you that those voices inside your head must not be heard and just dont listen to those voices that’s not you that’s your anxiety. That’s what they tell us and that’s true.
When i had a rough time fighting my COD i’d go to some websites where there are some peoples having the same problem like me, sharing about their feelings and comforting each other and keep telling them to fight the anxiety harder and harder. That was nice and you know, reading their comments made me stronger and it made me sure that i can be recovered. I will be.
So, if you have this kind of problem feel free to share with me cuz i will always be there to tell you like a therapist, telling you that those voices are not you, fight it because you can. and because i understand, really. And i understand that we are strong enough to be recovered.

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