To be a good friend

All around the world, we ran into a friendship and make friends everyday. That’s how we live since friend has been part of our life that cannot be seperated from us.
But maybe there’s some shit about friendship that made us think we picked people who ‘treat us like we are nothing more than a piece of shit’.
That’s obvious. And you are not wrong if you think like that because sometimes it really happens. Sometimes we pick wrong person. Take my friends, some of them are good eventhough we fight sometimes but that’s not a problem, we forgive each other because nobody’s perfect.
Looking for perfect peoples on earth is impossible, so we accept the love we think we deserve.
The thing is, not all people are nice. I got some shitty friends that treat me like i’m nothing. The reason is simple and clear, i dont matter to them as long as they are fine without me. They come to me when they need me, when they are not fine without me. It’s like they are using me or something. And when i fought back, they would talk behind my back and call me stubborn or what. Well, i’m just defending myself!
There are types of peoples,
The first one is friends that accept us and care for us, we fight and forgive each other and the friendship just go on its way. It’s nice to have friends like this and most of nice people are this type. It because they love ourselves more than themselves sometimes or maybe often, and we love them too. That’s a fair love.
The second is those friends whom we picked them wrong. They only look for us whenever they need us. They love themselves so much until there’s no love left for us. I hated this kind of thing. That’s totally unfair.
The third one is the best. I only had this type of friend once, when i was kid. They love ourselves more than them, most of the time. They care with no doubt and love us unconditionally. They forgive when you make mistakes, they never blame u and always become a guard for u. With these peoples, we are not supposed to treat them like they are nothing. They deserve to be loved whole heartedly. And that’s true love which can make a great friendship.
I think i understand because i really like that one friend i once had. She once meant everything to me. I guess i want to be the third type and i guess i’d be the third type (or atleast the first) for my friends and boyfriend or hubby, basicly everyone in my life. I want to be.
So, which type is yourself?

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