A trusted online product

I always wondering like, is it just me or everyone else often feel disappointed when we receive an online product home? Because the result is not as good as i expected.
When you order an online medicine to get yourself more healty or new dress to get yourself look beauty but you are not getting any better or beauty, is that what happening to you?
But here i go with a product that i trusted so much. It’s a medicine to make my body more healthy and it’s called Tiens. Tiens is from Asia and it’s pretty cool because the result was the best and it made of nature.
Tiens also made some products for beauty and facial treatment and such, not only for bones or medicine. And i trusted them all evenhough i haven’t try their products of beauty yet.
Although Tiens product is expensive enough but i’d rather choose Tiens than another product who offers best result but it doesnt even make a litle difference.
Because trust me, i know. I’ve been spending alot of times become disappointed to expensive-but-shit online products -_-

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