What’s different on Sherlock BBC Season 3

What is different? something has changed a bit. i watched Sherlock season 3 on youtube, when the series just released on the beginning of 2014. but now i’m able to download it, and yeah, i got season 3 on my lappy and it’s kinda exciting.

i just realized that this sherlock is different from the other 2 seasons. i mean, the personality. the hair and the looks is same, nothing changed but Sherlock seems like a little bit more like human. i mean, a little more normal. i used to think that Sherlock is kind of a robot, a machine that can’t be sad and cannot be touched. but as we can see, in season 3 Sherlock seems to be care more about John and everyone around him. the way he feel about John’s marriage and the way he congrats Molly on her new relationship. and i don’t know why, but he seems a little more human every time he talks with Mary.

i even imaging how the next sherlock season 4 would be. i think he will still become the same psychopath but i was wondering will he find love of his life or what? will he become a little more normal or what? well, let’s see!

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