OCD and anxiety and such #DearAnxietyDIsorder

It’s silly for me to think about myself in 2012 where i still used to think that depression, anxiety and stuff like that don’t really matter and i used to think that those people who had it just waste their time by having that kind of mental illness and disorder. I used to think that way. I mean, why you had depression and anxiety when life is so beautiful why’d you make your life worse and finally, u got that disorder inside of u? But i forgot that beautiful life is true and always inside of someone but sometimes it doesnt come out like it should be. The one who can make it beautiful is ourselves.
But now i realize that even depression is kind of mental illness. And mental disorder, such as anxiety and OCD is really sucks to live with. It’s really hard to live with those, and actually i should have supported those who suffer with anxiety and not telling them that they are wasting their time. I just notice that because suddenly in 2013 i had OCD. I got depressed because if that OCD, an i tell u, it makes my life really terrible. I cannot tell u how terrible it is since i dont even want to remember that, that was too terrible. I even had thoughts to commit suicide again and again.
So, right now, i want all people to care about OCD and any other anxiety disorder, and also depression and mental illness. Dont become a-2012-me that did not give a fuck about OCD. I want people to care, and fyi, i dont know is this happening to all teenagers or only me but, i was kinda afraid to tell my parents that i had OCD so ive been struggling alone with OCD 😩😭🙍 this is my first time ever for telling people that i had OCD, tbh, and its on my own blog because i wanted to help those who had the same disorder like me. I learnt from my disorder that internet is such a good doctor when we are afraid to tell people in real life, i wrote this so that you can learn from my experience too. But you know what? Tell ur parents :p because u need people who can help u in real life
And it means alot to me, you know, when i saw in instagram there are some famous people who support their fans who had anxiety and such, like Fie Laursen who talk about anorexia on twitter and instagram and just this morning i saw Dazz Black, my favorite viner, post a picture with a quote he made by himself about anxiety disorder and depression
And here all i can say was,
#DearAnxietyDisorder you are strong and the medician is inside of you, always inside of you, you just need strength and bravery to drag it up and heal you. That disorder came from inside of you, so that you had the CURE inside of u too. You can be normal like other people, you always can because the medicine is always inside of u. The one who can heal yourself is you, too. Pray to God and keep strong, stay strong and fight. Iloveyou.





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