A home named Bogor

This week i did not go to my dormitory since my mom wanted me to go to a course in Bogor for a week. So, i spent times on that course this week and felt soooo tired but that was fun!
Because i live in dormitory since last year, i moved from my city bogor to Jakarta. Jakarta is my dream since i was kid because i really like glamour things and modern life, and that’s all i found in Jakarta. Bogor is still nature, too nature, with green trees everywhere and too much rain. When i live in Bogor i felt so bored about this city and just wanna move somewhere else! But after spending a year in Jakarta without looking back to Bogor, i felt desperate about that glamour city. It because my dormitory is such a dumb, we do nothing there study about nothing and tbh that’s the worst school i’ve ever seen. I felt like i wont even go to college because i never learn about anything in dormitory and my school management is so fuckin bad! I felt disappointed and arguing with my teachers and friends. I went to Mall to refresh my feeling sometimes, but its just not good enough. Im having a hard life this year!
But this week, the course keep me busy. I went to that course at 8 and went back home at 18.00. I learn so hard and practicing so much, but i dont know why i felt better. I missed studying so much, after a year my dormitory keep me away from my course. This is really exciting, and this week i often sat, waiting for bus while feeling the fresh air of Bogor. I let the rain drops against my cheek. And, for the first time, i noticed that this city has the greatest colour ever. Green. Nature. Trees. I missed this city so much.
I can tell u that i used to hate Bogor and i used to hate studying too, but now that things seem so beautiful. And i tell u, imagine if u have to spent a year in a dormitory that wont let u go anywhere but sit in ur room, doing nothing and not even studying. Its depresing, u know? Be thankful u have a book that u can study with, and a city that make u feel like home again.

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