I hated romance, to be honest, i dont watch romance except if people ask me to. But i love comedian romance, because its funny and because its comedy the dialog went so fresh and funny and really-our-life. The story is also kinda weird and so fun. Romance movie mostly only tell about broken heart and having sex and engaged and such but comedy makes it more fun! It tells about how funny their broken hearted is and how silly they fall inblove. Its kinsa not boring, but romance is sooo fucking boring lol. And the romantic scene for romance movie is actually not so romantic, because its only contain kissing and making love scene. But comedy romance is more, their romantic scene is really romantic idk why maybe because the story is so fresh and fun and went just the way it is.
And fyi, i recommended you to watch these lit of my favorite comedy romance movie:
-my sassy girl
-what if
-walking on sunshine
-actually there is alot more, but i forgot about it all at the moment lol

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