Let’s Talk About Talent!

first, as usually, i dont know what to write. but because i haven’t post any article to this blog for a long time, i think i should probably write one. but i don’t know what to write, so, i go to google and suddenly search ‘psyco test’ and i was interested to know my talent by using “talent and interest test”

i don’t know what my talent is, but i’m sure i got, atleast, one. but i dont think i have one. i think i have more.

when i was kid i wrote a story that made my teacher proud of me. it’s just a short story that came out from my head and i had no idea how could i make it that cool in the eyes of my teacher. that time she often praise me and tell another teacher like, “She is talented. she has great talent of writing”

she might not know that, that was the moment i’d never forget for my entire life. she gave me faith about myself that time. and that faith is still with me then.

you guys might not know that my life is hard. i used to be a homeschooled kid who got no friends and now ended up with living in a boring dormitory. it keeps me crazy. yeah. lol. my school life is hard, harder than i could ever tell. i tried to commit suicide sometimes, honestly 😦

it kept me thingkin that “this is about my school but i dont even like my school my school is my future, the thing that decided who i want to be, the thing that decided my future and i dont wanna get a wrong decision” it made me cry and stressed by only thinking about that. (well, i never spoken about this on this blog before because i think some pains are made to be kept as a secret, but now im writing this with a hope that this would inspire people)

if my teacher did not say that word about how talented i am, i would have been lost right now. i mess up with my school and it’s like future is not belong to me but i have a faith that “i have my own talent of writing stories why i do not believe in that to save my future?”

for your information, i want to be a writer. not because that’s the only thing i can do about, but i have a great talent so why didn’t i get into it?

there’s two points that i’m telling you by this article, and there was: a. everybody has talents. or if they don’t have, which absolutely never gonna happen, i mean everybody has talents and that was right, i mean they just haven’t find theirs. b. i’d like my teacher to know how deep those words change me to believe in myself, always believe in myself. and i want the world to know, too, that words and praising each other is a great thing to do. you don’t know how that will effect you, arent ya?

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