How to download a movie (freaked me out!)

if u guys ever tried to download a movie but ended up with downloading nothing, then we got same problem. i was freaked out as well. lol.

long time ago, i downloaded movies from but i stop visiting that website again because the quality of the movie is bad. sometimes good, but mostly bad.

then, i moved to ganool, and i was freaked out again :p. it was so hard to download from ganool since we dont know which one is a real ‘download’ button and which one is an ads. and the download often being interrupted sometimes. the quality is good but sometimes the download stopped in the middle!

i moved to and the saddest thing is, bioskopkita is just like ganool, full of ads and such. it became hard enough for me to download movies, it took like 30 minutes only to find the real download button! the quality is great but.

then my friend UB (just call him this way :p) told me to download movies from torrent. i wonder why people always tell me like ‘torrent is good’ but i dunno how to download movies from torrent. it always ended up with ‘u have to download the software torrent’ bla bla bla version bla bla bla shiiittt.

UB told me that he download movies from torrent via mobile and it was so easy. i thought, that if he found that easy to download torrent movie via mobile then what about downloading the movie via PC? it should’ve been so great and way better.

UB taught me then. via mobile, first of all we need to download an apps called torrent or bit torrent. then open the url, and download the movie torrent. we’ll be asked like “wanna open this file with what?” we choose torrent.

from PC, first download bit torrent (google it). when we have bit torrent on our PC already, open, download the movie torrent and open the file as well with bit torrent. lol. the download will start at the moment.

easy, right? the quality is good and we dont have to be confused about the download button!

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