I Made A Story!

pake bahasa indonesia sih, karna inggrisku belum mumpuni ^_^ alamatnya–



A Talented Korean guy

Do you like violin? i really like the sound of violin. and i met this talented guy whose name is Jun Sung Ahn. well, as i told u, i dont like korea but this one is so talented and i can’t doubt it! please welcome, Jun Sung Ahn!

this is one of my favorite!

Best Training Course Ever

i had a pretty good times thi8s weekend. i hjoint a trainig course by Innoent Corporation. It’s very good because, just like their motto, they made us more creative and such. they spoke english all the time–well, i told you already, right?–they are super cool, maybe i’m weird but really., there is nothing like that in Indonesia. we learn n play at the same time, like, really playing. when i was kid my teacher used to say like, we play and learn, but what they means by playing is also same with learning. they are weird, lol. but this one is truly playing.

we become an investor in a week, well, not really an inventor but just planning to be an investor. it’s a very nice training. the teacher, Dr.Rosa and Dr.Omar are very nice. they treat us not the way a teacher usually treat the students. they always say ‘perfect’ for all my work eventhough it was pretty bad, and if i show it to my real teacher he would’ve been like, “What the hell are you creating?” well, i guess it’s a matter of praising and respecting too, right?

and they never talk to me with bad intonation and they never force me to do this and that, just all i want. it’s incredible. am i weird or is it just me who were pretty unlucky to have┬ábad teachers my whole life? i just met good teachers right now, and maybe some years ago in my school.

imagine what if all teachers in this world were just like them? students would love to go school then!

Today’s training

This morning my teacher told me that Ai’s dad, the director of Wamy needs a student who can speak english well to join a training course that take place in Wamy. At first i had a doubt about joining it, but because i am now crazy about learning since i got into a one-week-course in Bogor, and i really like to try something new, finally i decided to join
The mentor and motivator came from saudi arabia and iceland, which is very interesting for me so that i can practice my english again. And i did. It was fun because i catch every words they say, alhamdulillah.
The training course is about creativity and to motivate young peoples like me to be more creative. The training is very useful because i really got motivated! I found something new like ‘there is so many ways to be creative’ and ‘creative is about being different’. The training made me notice that my young life should be creative and cool, it motivated me to be a better young man. The motivator told me too, that everyone in this life has been created with so many differences, and for example, he cannot tell his son that you have to be A or B, because his son and himself is different. If he tells his son abt A and B or abt to be like himself, it will close creativity like an umbrella, once it is closed, it cannot be useful anymore. He said that our mind and umbrella is same in somehow.