Anorexia Girl

Do u know Fie Laursen? If u don’t, i tell u, she is a fashion blogger and, well, in my opinion she is also a model. I dont really like her before, and even hate her for some reasons but today i just saw her pict on instagram and i become proud of her (and fyi, i dont hate her anymore right now). She ouploaded a photo where she was holding a burger and she said in the description like ‘im now recovered from anorexia’ i wonder what is anorexia is that a desease that make you have to avoid eating burger or what? Lol. I search about anorexia on wikipedia and this is what i found:
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction, inappropriate eating habits or rituals, obsession with having a thin figure, and an irrational fear of weight gain, as well as a distorted body self-perception. It typically involves excessive weight loss and is diagnosed approximately nine times more often in females than in males. (And im like, yeah ofcourse, girls -_-)
I just notice this kind of desease today and i realize that some of my friends might have this anorexia! N u know what? I hate those friends and all they do. At first, they r beautiful but now they r just too skinny as fuck lol! I have some other skinny friends who often show me their belly and say ‘im too fat’ i felt like i have feed them with shit! (To be honest, i’d love to :p)
But this fie laursen fight against anorexia and i just admire it so much! not all girls would love to fight against what they want (they want to be skinny) althought what they want is a desease and not good.
Anorexia is not good and what Fie taught was great.
PS.this morning i was listening to meghan’s song ‘All about that bass’ and i was like ‘i agree with Meghan 100%!’


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