Funny chat tonight–Positive thinkin!

i had a chat with a guy tonight and that was kinda funny because, well, because a misunderstood and such. but i think that mostly happened because of his ridiculousness. this is a lil part of the chat

Him:what else u got?

Me: hmmm


Me: maybe a clothes from jakarta

Me: yeah thats all i got

Me: loool

Me: joburg means johannes burg?

Me: any postal code?

Him:and a condom

Me: shit wtf

Me: i wont lol

Me: just balloons and clothes


Me: condom is for sex aight?

Me: i dont like sex or porn and such

Him:no its not

Him:I’m muslim I don’t do such stuff or so i hope

Me: so then for what?

Me: cool

Him:for a balloon

Him:u must think good

Him:not bad

Me: okaaay

Me: condom? for what then?

Him:to make a balloon

Me: hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahah

Me: you are cool

Me: and what???


Me: okay maybeee

Me: but promise me its for baloon? to make a balooon okay?


Him:that’s what they made for

Me: okay thats cool

Him:now send

Him:see u shud always think good

Him:people r gud

Him:condoms r made for balloons

Him:nothing else

and at the end, he said ‘anyways hope i taught u something’ loool. this is such a silly positive thinkin!

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