with girls around my FB status

last week i updated a status that contains some words like shit fuck silly i hate you etc

my friends read it and they went like ‘is that me? u hate me? im so sorry then’

the first person is maryam, she inbox me like ‘is it me?’ and i told her ofcourse not! and then my other friends commented on my status saying ‘im sorry bla bla bla’ and such and its kinda weird why are they feeling so guilty? im not talking abt them at all!

but i just figure out the reason this morning. Nisa, my friend, she updated a status aboutsomeone she hated. she said that ‘ur face is ugly i dunt wanna see ya’ and we (her friends) all go like, ‘im sorry, is it me?’ i even think that actually she hate my uglyness hahah. she was wondering why is this happening, why everybody think that she blame themselves? the answer is just one–because ur status is around girls. girls can do silly but interactive things haha. thats girls.

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