Shopping with only 50 rb

tonight, i had a lil conversation with girls in my room. fyi, me and nisa has a plan to go Mall this weekend.

nisa: yeeey my daddy gave me 50 rb!

me: yooohooo

nisa: i can go to Monas tomorrooow!

me: the fuck?! i thought that 50 rb is for shopping at Mall?! like, we planned that before.

nisa: no, ofcourse not. i will ask more money to my dad to go Mall. what can i do with only 50 rb at Mall?

it took me by surprise couse all i ever know is with only 30 rb, i can enjoy my day at Mall. i can buy a ring, an ice cream and a diary. that’s enough. with 50 rb? i can buy anything. i mean, as for me, a person who cant go to Mall with only 50 rb is so stupid. thats fuckin enough, like fucking seriously?! but girls mostly like that. not all girls, some good and cool girl like me dont. J

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