How ECONOMY went down

I have alot of money since i was kid, from money my parents gave until those money i collect from my parent’s table lol. I got like 200$ and that time, (i was 7 yo so its 9 years ago) i felt like im the richest person in the world. Because with 200$ i can buy so many things and even gold. Accidently that time i didnt convert my money to gold, and, do u know what those money means to me now after 9 years? Nothing! Okay, i can buy some things but not as much as 9 years ago.
I once read a book called ‘think dinar’ its about what paper money actually means, which the answer is, it means nothing at all
Gold means something. We buy gold today, 9 years again that gold still has the same price as 9 years before, the same meaning, functionable.
Paper money is just paper, not more! When my mom was a kid she said she has 50 rp and buy candy with that, now candy is 500 rp. Wtf.
So, if u dont want ur family’s economy goes down, change money on ur bank to be some grams of gold.
Ps. If u dont belive this, try something. Save 30$ now and see what it means 30 years again. Collect a gram of gold and see what it means 30 years again.

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