If He Doesn’t Mean To Marry Me

I was on a train, on my way back to TJ. The train is almost full and i dont find a seat, but that was okay.
Next to me, there’s 2 college students. One boy and another one is a girl. I heard their conversation about future and love. The girl was asked about her point of view of a relationship. And she said that
“If a guy propose me as a gf, i wont accept him if from the beginning, he doesnt mean to marry me” its like she was saying that ‘dont waste ur time on someone who doesnt wanna marry you, doesnt wanna be ur prince and be a father for ur child’ and hey, i have a same opinion like hers since long time ago. I thought it was just me who thoughts that clever haha lol.
Because if he want u to be a gf n not a wife, can i call it as LOVE? Its like he afraid to spend his future with u. Its like he wants to end up with u as an ex. I dunno. Its my opinion. And i think guy like that doesnt deserve my love and heart.

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