How a homeschooled kid actually like

I spent my 3 years at home when i was on junior highschool. This is how i was:
I dont have friends but got alot from social media. Some of em are fake, and sometimes when i fell in love with them, their love also fake.
But i almost never want to video cam with them because itll be awkward. I mean, i dunno what to talk with them? Chatting is ok but i dont wanna talk by my mouth. And they often force me to meet them somewhere.
internet has been my bestie n i often have some argues with my parents about that. I thought that was their fault not sending me to school so i dont have muh activities but internetting lol.
But because of that i know computer n i know about hacking and blogging a bit.
Internet make me know something dangerous called sex. Luckily im a girl so it doesnt really matter but if i wasnt, i mean if im a boy i’d be addicted to sex so much.
I cant study all by maself its hard, i’d rather go to a course than study alone.
But Alhamulillah i dunno why my IQ is not bad, i tell u, its superior 😀
I felt like im grounded at home but u know? Actually its true :p
N since im all alone at home, i tell u, i love foods and im fat lol haha
This post is jut a warning for all of u if u want to be a homeschooled
Ps. Dont e addicted to sex n internet its not good!

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