Oh my my… :*

most handsome arabian ive ever seen so far 😀

Some Pals While Walking...

Omar hotiiee

Omar Borkan Al Gala – How anyone just can’t love him. Lemme introduce him first, He’a model lives in Vancouver, Canada from UAE. 

I know I know everybody knows him but still it’s an honour 😉 And I, I’m not writing this post to introduce him. I’ve got something to tell him by this, maybe somewhere someday it’ll reach to him. 🙂 So here it is:

Omar, first of all I love your name and it suits me calling you Omar 😉 I wish my voice could reach you. Anyways never mind, so I was supposed to say that, soon I’m going to be a singer and I’d love to make a video song with you. Just imagine, Jaguar, wild cat, intoxicating me and mashaallah you :* This is going to be fabulous I’m sure. and I guess we can end up with an awesome relation. Let’s not give a…

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