i ain’t no ’90s bitch

icona pop’s song was so popular on my school last year. i watched the video clip and i loved the song. but there’s one thing about that video clip and lyrics–there’s a part when iconan pop said, you’re from the ’70s but i’ma ’90s bitch.

i know that song is about partying and such. i know that im 16 and im a teenage girl. i know that parents are disturbing sometimes. i know i have my own life, and im starting to live it up.

but it doesnt mean i dont have rules to follow. it doesnt mean i dont have paper to be finished, doesnt mean there’s no bunch of books i have to study, doesnt mean i have to go party all night and talking bad about my parents. i have my responsibility as a human, as a daughter and as myself. okay, human make faults and im not always right, but atleast i want to try or i have a desire to be a good one. im not a bitch who can show the world my nude body. couse im not a person who could give the world all the wrong things inside of me.

im a human, and i was born to be, isnt that all worth to be maintained? i thank Allah for everything, including this life

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