Anorexia Girl

Do u know Fie Laursen? If u don’t, i tell u, she is a fashion blogger and, well, in my opinion she is also a model. I dont really like her before, and even hate her for some reasons but today i just saw her pict on instagram and i become proud of her (and fyi, i dont hate her anymore right now). She ouploaded a photo where she was holding a burger and she said in the description like ‘im now recovered from anorexia’ i wonder what is anorexia is that a desease that make you have to avoid eating burger or what? Lol. I search about anorexia on wikipedia and this is what i found:
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction, inappropriate eating habits or rituals, obsession with having a thin figure, and an irrational fear of weight gain, as well as a distorted body self-perception. It typically involves excessive weight loss and is diagnosed approximately nine times more often in females than in males. (And im like, yeah ofcourse, girls -_-)
I just notice this kind of desease today and i realize that some of my friends might have this anorexia! N u know what? I hate those friends and all they do. At first, they r beautiful but now they r just too skinny as fuck lol! I have some other skinny friends who often show me their belly and say ‘im too fat’ i felt like i have feed them with shit! (To be honest, i’d love to :p)
But this fie laursen fight against anorexia and i just admire it so much! not all girls would love to fight against what they want (they want to be skinny) althought what they want is a desease and not good.
Anorexia is not good and what Fie taught was great.
PS.this morning i was listening to meghan’s song ‘All about that bass’ and i was like ‘i agree with Meghan 100%!’



Funny chat tonight–Positive thinkin!

i had a chat with a guy tonight and that was kinda funny because, well, because a misunderstood and such. but i think that mostly happened because of his ridiculousness. this is a lil part of the chat

Him:what else u got?

Me: hmmm


Me: maybe a clothes from jakarta

Me: yeah thats all i got

Me: loool

Me: joburg means johannes burg?

Me: any postal code?

Him:and a condom

Me: shit wtf

Me: i wont lol

Me: just balloons and clothes


Me: condom is for sex aight?

Me: i dont like sex or porn and such

Him:no its not

Him:I’m muslim I don’t do such stuff or so i hope

Me: so then for what?

Me: cool

Him:for a balloon

Him:u must think good

Him:not bad

Me: okaaay

Me: condom? for what then?

Him:to make a balloon

Me: hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahah

Me: you are cool

Me: and what???


Me: okay maybeee

Me: but promise me its for baloon? to make a balooon okay?


Him:that’s what they made for

Me: okay thats cool

Him:now send

Him:see u shud always think good

Him:people r gud

Him:condoms r made for balloons

Him:nothing else

and at the end, he said ‘anyways hope i taught u something’ loool. this is such a silly positive thinkin!

Another reason to love Connor

if you already read my latest post about Connor then you’ll understand what im going to say here,

this is the next reason.

Connor ouploaded this pict on his FB fanpage, 2 june.

which made me think how cute he is–between some peoples who uphold freedom (and they get it wrong so they like ‘do what you want only God can judge me’ and they become crazy or what and i tell u, FREE is good but TOO FREE is not good at all) and some peoples who cover a freedom (freedom is a human right, covering it just like killing it) Connor is like he is standing up for things that make life great, free but not TOO FREE and not againsting freedom.

just a couple thing to live by, he said.

Reason to Stay Alive

Amanda Daniels

Hey bud, this is definitely something I’ve struggled with, and I can’t say it’s gone away… You just gotta keep fighting through, maybe not for yourself, but think about the effect that you killing yourself would have on those who love you, and those who are around you. I’m not gonna lie, that thought has been the only thing that has stopped me before. I hate the argument, but at the same time it makes sense. If you can’t exist for yourself, exist for the sake of others. People subconsciously value their family and friends more than they let on. They might not even realize it, but we value each other quite a bit. Ugh, this argument sucks, but believe me it helps.



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with girls around my FB status

last week i updated a status that contains some words like shit fuck silly i hate you etc

my friends read it and they went like ‘is that me? u hate me? im so sorry then’

the first person is maryam, she inbox me like ‘is it me?’ and i told her ofcourse not! and then my other friends commented on my status saying ‘im sorry bla bla bla’ and such and its kinda weird why are they feeling so guilty? im not talking abt them at all!

but i just figure out the reason this morning. Nisa, my friend, she updated a status aboutsomeone she hated. she said that ‘ur face is ugly i dunt wanna see ya’ and we (her friends) all go like, ‘im sorry, is it me?’ i even think that actually she hate my uglyness hahah. she was wondering why is this happening, why everybody think that she blame themselves? the answer is just one–because ur status is around girls. girls can do silly but interactive things haha. thats girls.