The quality that gets low (my lovely donuts)

Some years ago, maybe when i was 11 or 10, my auntie bought me a box of donuts. donuts has been asia’s favorite, and also my favorite too that time.
It tasted delicious and i swore, my tongue is not wrong. Everybody said so. That time is only 5 rb with high quality.
But it was 5 or 6 years ago. I just ate my first donuts, after 6 years (u mut say SERIOUSLY?! But yeah im super serious. I dont even know why its happened?) the price is now 6.5 rb and i think, because the price is a bit more expensive it means that donuts must be more delicious.
But its not anymore. Okay, i mean, its still delicious. But the quality is getting so much low! I didnt find my old anymore. Someyhing was missing, maybe the sugar or the jam or the donut or anything. Yea, especially the donut bread. was the most special one before, but now the donut is just the same with another 1 rb donut without any brand. is a good brand. I hope they can get their delicious taste back.


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