i hate K-Pop. seriuously, i dont like it.

first reason, i hate a friend, no, not a friend, i mean someone. she liked Korea, and i hate all she loves. ahhah. that’s stupid, right? but that’s me. do i hate korea that much because of her only? no. not just her. if its only about her, i won’t hate korea, i will just dislike korea.

second, i can never call chineese/korean/japanese guy as handsome guy. i dunno why. but okay, i respect japan and china and taiwan and such and i dont hate them at all (and btw i love china dunno why) but korean guy is just too gay. ever seen a member of exo hugging each other, kissing each other and such? they are boys, i tell u, none of them are girls. that’s just too gay.

third, my friends who liked korea are getting too much over it. they are so fanatic that i cannot handle it at all. i hated that too.

fourth, korean guys and girls often commit a plastic surgery to look more beautiful. shit.

that’s all 🙂 for me, all about korea is okay, except the plastic surgery, the gay things, and my fanatic friends.

6 thoughts on “Korea?

  1. Humaygad. XD Careful though with your words my friend, it may strike some – you know- “personal preference”. A piece of advice though, if you hate plastic surgery, you should have said why and explain further. If you can, point out your points. 🙂 I respect your opinion and this is your blog but as a blogger, we should be sensitive enough with words we are using. Just like what you said on your WHY I LOVE CONNOR post. You got what? 63 followers? That includes me. What if one of us is Korean? Lavyuh!


    1. Wow thanks for ur opinion and advice wish it will help me alot in the future. Yeah yo’re right. And btw, lemme explain here too, i posted reasons i hate plastic surgery in my older post, maybe its on juny or may i forgot. Just check it out and thanks 🙂

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